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Wand Mage PvP Suit Paying $300 USD, Details Inside!


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Im payin $300 USD Via Paypal, you MUST have paypal and create an ebay account if you dont already. To post an auction for $300 buy it now with the mods on the suit so that afterwards if I send payment and the suit isnt what you said it would be then I can get my money back. I do NOT do western union, reason being is because it cannot be trusted.. Its like sending your money off into never never land. If you do have a paypal account and are just unsure of how to create an ebay account and still don't understand after reading about it then please contact me and I will help you.

40 LMC
10 MR
15 SDI
100 LRC
20+ DCI
60s Res
3/6 casting (2/6 with a wand)
The suit MUST be made with crystaline ring so when wearing a wand I dont have below GM magery. If you have any questions/comments/concerns please feel free to ICQ me my number is 103-086-263 or email me [email protected] anytime of the day!