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Walkingdeath69 = AIM I think elitez0rz is his MD name. SCAMMER


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Ok. He gave me a 60 priest for a gamecard. I thought this was risky but he had 6 positives, and even Traderman 105 MD (His name was something like that, the moderator here) said he was a cool guy. Now everything was fine and dandy until he recalled his account the 13th of september I believe. Then I contacted he said it was a mistake and gave me it back. Then I checked the contact details to find out the account expires the 14th and I had a feeling he was just going to wait for me to subscribe again and recall. Well I waiting until the 15th and didnt pay. BAM recalled. Today I finally get ahold of him on aim. Heres the convo

gyro822 (11:20:04 PM): hey
Walkingdeath69 (11:20:09 PM): hi
gyro822 (11:20:19 PM): That account was recalled again I believe.
Walkingdeath69 (11:20:25 PM): which?
gyro822 (11:20:28 PM): wow12
Walkingdeath69 (11:20:32 PM): really?
gyro822 (11:20:43 PM): Im pretty sure. I cant seem to login
Walkingdeath69 (11:20:48 PM): thats unfortunate
gyro822 (11:21:27 PM): Is there anything you can do about it..
Walkingdeath69 (11:22:19 PM): To be honest I dont really care..
gyro822 (11:23:32 PM): Ok.. I understand what you did. You let me buy you a month's time and let me get a lot of gear on your priest and was gonna wait until I resubscribed then you would have recalled it. Luckily I was on vacation and couldnt resubscribe, coming home to find u tried to recall it. I guess the first time you messed up and did it to early
Walkingdeath69 (11:24:10 PM): Uhm, wrong. Because you gave me a gamecard for the priest didnt you?
gyro822 (11:24:15 PM): Ya
Walkingdeath69 (11:24:22 PM): Exactly. Thats all I wanted :p
Walkingdeath69 (11:24:36 PM): Now that I need another gamecard, I can get one :p


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There is no moderator here named that btw.

Good thing you were smart and didnt add any time.