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Veteran bnet acc for sale


New member
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Multiple Accounts
Free BattleTag change available.

Purchased games on acc:
WoW every expansion except BFA (acc is ~10 years old)
Overwatch (not origins edition)
Black Ops 4
Destiny 2 + on-launch battlepass 4DLCs (no further dlc)

Diamond portrait border (lvl >2580).
Every obtainable cosmetic item for ingame currency unlocked (+75k gold).
Golden guns for every character.
All achievements, even seasonal unlocked.
Career high 4189 (current rank ~low masters for supp and dps, 4100 tank). Placements for every season since launch.

Every monthly cardback since launch (+legendary).
Non-basic hero portraits unlocked: Lunara, Liadrin, Arthas, Tyrande, Maiev, Morgl, Thunder King, Nemsy.
Golden hero portraits for warlock, mage, druid, warrior (hunter, priest are each ~20-60 wins away. other heroes are ~200 away)
Total wins in ranked >5k, arena ~1.5k.
Full classic set, every expansion unlocked and completed on heroic (from Naxxramas to current time)
Most cards obtained from standard rotation, >80 legendaries (no wild cards)

World of Warcraft
~16k achievements, 180+ mounts, couple 110 characters, most heirlooms bought, free 0-110 token available, ~80kgold.

Heroes of the Storm
Insufficient progress, 190lvl, ~40 heroes, some cosmetics.

1.3k eu for the full package.
For any clearance and further info - pm me on Discord @MizuJimbo#4164
ip hash: 194f67460b4dbc6441a222