Selling very decent Blood Brothers AGI Brigade with over 250$ in resources!


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I decided to sell my account. For more detailed view you can find screenshots of my brigade below. In short, I have an AGI-based brigade which allows me to position ~1900 mark in events (higher if I played more than on natural regeneration).

As for inventory, the account comes with plenty of items and you can have a look at the screenshots below. I'll just quote their worth in USD below:

19$ in Elixirs
59$ in Crystals
6$ in Mandrakes (excluding bloodbound ones)
99$ in Gjallahorns (excluding bloodbound ones)
73$ in Heartsbloods (excluding bloodbound ones)

256$ in total. Let me remind you that it doesn't include value of familiars and bloodbound items!

I can let it go for 85 USD.