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SOLD Very Cheap NA 65 PVP Geared Sin Elyos Tiamat $90 only !


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Reason - multiple accounts - fake feedback - Enigima
Trading my 65 Assassin with:

+2 Discordant [65] Dagger Attack +5 Socketted
+10 Vasharti Dagger [60] Attack +5 Socketted w/Paralyze Godstone
+10 55c2 Sword Attack +5 Socketted w/Silence Godstone
+3 Full 60c1 Gear Fully Socketted with Attack +5 Stones
+1 Gonon's Jerkin Socketted with Attack +5 Stones
Gonons Hat
+1 Karvos shoulder piece

(Also has a tatars sword +10 attack socketed)

Also has a Kahruns jerkin attack socketed
43 Arena of Glory Tickets
85 Mithril Medals (20 more for a gaurdian commander piece aug 2)
4 Ceramium Medals
136 Platinum Medals
23,313 Crucible Insignias
2,252 Courage Insignias
228 Kahrun's Symbols
215 Blood Marks
1,800,000+ AP (Also has 12 blue keys in inventory ready for alot more ap)

has discordant earrings/belt now

Skype is devilstar142

Selling because i want to get rid of it asap, all this for the price of only $90