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Vendetta has a Poser! BEWARNED! MD VENDETTA


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Well Folks,
It seems after over a year or more since July of 05 I have been Poserless. I guess The scammer/s Thought that to be bad.

Aim Name : MD Vendetta

Only aim name i Know so far hes using Tells people on aim that he is me. Funny enough I have had one aim only i use and most of the people here know that.


Vendetta (ME) only uses one AIM NAME and that is In My signature!

I Would like to Thank,
Aim: Syrindark2k
Markee Name: Syrindark2k
For not Falling for this guys bs, He Actually searched and found the aim name different from the poser under my signature etc. VERY NICE work and I do thank you!
[16:37] Syrindark2k: hey
[16:37] MD therev: hi
[16:38] Syrindark2k: i was just wondering, are u MD Vendetta or is that someone different? i just ran accross a post of urs heh
[16:38] MD therev: Im Vendetta
[16:38] MD therev: On MD. My name isnt MD vendetta
[16:38] Syrindark2k: oh ok, were we talking about trading for an UD rogue a few mins ago?
[16:38] MD therev: No sir?
[16:39] MD therev: Dont have any undead rogues
[16:39] MD therev: Must have me mixed with someone else or did someone give you my markee name?
[16:40] Syrindark2k: oh ok well the aim name is MD Vendetta of the person i was talking to heh and he seems non responsive now.. saw a post with vendetta is u on markee but dif aim name thought maybe u were the same person.. sorry ^^
[16:40] MD therev: Nope so perhaps that guy is a fruad claming to be me.
[16:40] MD therev: Ask him his markee name
[16:41] Syrindark2k: kk
[16:41] Syrindark2k: no reply :/ seems to be afk
[16:42] MD therev: Yeh sure lol
[16:42] Syrindark2k: hehe
[16:42] MD therev: Did he give you a name before?
[16:42] MD therev: I did a search on MD vendetta on markee and so far no one registered has that aim name
[16:42] Syrindark2k: yea i did the same
[16:43] MD therev: Wow i have a feeling i have an imposter
[16:43] Syrindark2k: we didnt get to talk alot cus i was talking to another guy aswell but he said he had like 11 pos and 0 neg and would talk over the phone
[16:43] MD therev: This is the Only AIm i use. So dont let him to to pose to you as me. But dont tell him you talked to me either.
[16:43] Syrindark2k: k
[16:44] Syrindark2k: ah he replied
[16:44] MD therev: What he say?
[16:44] Syrindark2k: he says hes vendetta
[16:44] MD therev: Can you post that. Make screenshot.
[16:45] Syrindark2k: yea
[16:45] MD therev: Im going to confront him now
[16:45] MD therev: You can as well
[16:45] MD therev: Drill him .
[16:45] MD therev: He wont answer me.
[16:45] Syrindark2k: lol
[16:45] Syrindark2k: SyrinDark2k: so where should i make a character on dunemaul?
MD Vendetta: in upurazzergore
SyrinDark2k: upper razore gore?
MD Vendetta: up-your-[censored]-er-gore
SyrinDark2k: ah nice place
[16:46] MD therev: haha he knows he been found out.
[16:46] Syrindark2k: yep hehe
[16:46] MD therev: I am going to make a post about this. Can you screenshot your convo and post as well?
[16:46] Syrindark2k: yea
[16:49] Syrindark2k: scammer section?
[16:50] MD therev: Yeh I making the post now so one sec.
[16:50] Syrindark2k: kk
[16:51] MD therev: Whats your markee name?
[16:51] Syrindark2k: syrindark2k
[16:52] Syrindark2k: trying to host on imageshack
[16:52] Syrindark2k: i closed his window after he stopped replying.. but got a few lines of him talking about making a char on dunemaul

[/ QUOTE ]

Also I try to confront the guy :

[16:44] MD therev: Hi do you have anything for trade?
[16:44] MD therev: So your Vendetta on Markke dragon?
[16:45] MD therev: Hello?
[16:46] MD Vendetta: <===8
[16:47] MD therev: Lol Posers these days. Very funny and not so good at it lol
[16:47] MD Vendetta: say that to the $200 I have in an unverified non-us paypal account [censored]
[16:48] MD therev: Haha Your good is that all you got was 200 bucks wow? Scammer of the Year award goes to NOT YOU!
[16:48] MD Vendetta: lol
[16:48] MD Vendetta: 200 isnt all i got
[16:48] MD Vendetta: but its all i got from this sn
[16:49] *** "MD Vendetta" signed off at Thu Nov 16 16:49:56 2006.

[/ QUOTE ]

So By All Means Do Not For for Anyone SAYING THEY ARE ME!

There is Only One Vendetta and Only One AIM NAME i USE!