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Selling valorant account lvl 256 with 141 skins £317 spent 🌟RUIN DAGGER🌟

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Selling my valorant account thats level 256 and has 141 skins including: Prime vandal, Reaver vandal, Sentinels of light Vandal, Sovereign vandal, Ego vandal, Glitchpop vandal and some battlepass vandals. Prime phantom, RGX phantom, Ion phantom, oni phantom, protocol phantom, ruination phantom, RUIN DAGGER , prime spectre, prime classic, reaver op and loads of battlepass skins/knives. The account is unranked atm with 19/23 agents (no harbor,gekko,iso or deadlock). £317 spent on the account
Report ip hash: 39a901377b82fac02ad07f