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Valefor FFXI, 75Nin,75Whm,68Rng,62Rdm + More!


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Selling a Lv75Ninja,WHM Account pretty Decked out.
In a HNM, And A Dynamis LS. WIll explain alittle below.
Very fun account and well respected. Check information below.
<br />
Rank : 10 Three Nations (Check Picture - 3 Flags)
Gil: 10,500,000G On Hand
Estimated Gil in Equipment : 8,000,000G
Zilart : Complete
Chains : Complete
Treasures : Not Started
Access : Sea and Sky Available
Dynamis - All Dynamis has Been Complete

Below is the picture that will show you most of everything.
If you have any questions , please feel free to contact me anytime.
Gil Alone can be sold for 20$ minimum that alone put the account @ 360$
Now there is this awesome account attached with it. I will let it sit here for 2
days and if i get no decent price offers I will sell gil and then sell account on ebay.
Please make Offers. Thank you.