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This guy , That's all i got to say. Things have to be done his way. He wants on your account right off the BAT.

TevlokEO: Hello you had posted on my post on Markee?
DaLuvvBelo: What was it about?
TevlokEO: I am looking to buy an account, I have up to 500$ to spend
DaLuvvBelo: Oh
DaLuvvBelo: I have a 60 UD Rogue , Rank 12 PVP , Exalted almost all Bg's , Three Epic Mounts.
TevlokEO: Server?
DaLuvvBelo: Dark Iron ( PvP )
TevlokEO: Time on account? good rep? gold?
DaLuvvBelo: Just added a 60 day gamecard
DaLuvvBelo: Has a medium rep.. Nothing bad against him
DaLuvvBelo: Not sure about gold but it isnt over 100
DaLuvvBelo: Doesnt need gold...
DaLuvvBelo: What can you buy at 60 with my gear?
DaLuvvBelo: Most is drops
TevlokEO: Can you provide SQA? if not atleast make sure it's not going to be recalled?
DaLuvvBelo: Well theres two answers
DaLuvvBelo: I can provide it if i call blizzard and wait on hold for 3 days
TevlokEO: So you don't have the sqa?
TevlokEO: but can gaurentee it wont be recalled?
DaLuvvBelo: Want me to get it? I can gurantee it want be recalled without it. Iam not scamming anyone out of RL Money.
TevlokEO: As long as you can gaurentee it wont be recalled Im fine. and how much are you looking for?
DaLuvvBelo: Eh
DaLuvvBelo: It's a nice account.
DaLuvvBelo: Heres what iam wanting
DaLuvvBelo: I dont have Paypal.
DaLuvvBelo: So i was hoping you could buy me some gold on another server
DaLuvvBelo: and the account is yours
TevlokEO: How much and what server
DaLuvvBelo: One sec
DaLuvvBelo: Well you had a limit of 500 right?
TevlokEO: Yes
DaLuvvBelo: This will only cost around 400
DaLuvvBelo: You can order gamecard on Markeedragon.com I need one gamecard and some gold from this website http://mmoshop.com/index.php?openg=21&id=353 ( 10,000 gold for $333.00
DaLuvvBelo: It'll be like 380 bucks
TevlokEO: alright im looking
TevlokEO: gamecard might take a little
DaLuvvBelo: What do you mean?
TevlokEO: I don't know where to get one online
DaLuvvBelo: ill show you
TevlokEO: Whats the charcter name the gold is going to?
DaLuvvBelo: http://www.shatteredcrystal.com/catalogue.php?cat=19
DaLuvvBelo: Top of the page is 60 day gamecards
DaLuvvBelo: They email you the key
DaLuvvBelo: We will have to activate the account its going to first
TevlokEO: Alright, seems fair. I can have it email to your email account. Would it be possible for me to try the rogue in a BG once before I buy all the stuff? I will call you on the phone or somthing if you would like
DaLuvvBelo: Sorry i dont trust that very much...
DaLuvvBelo: Ill gladly show you him ingame
TevlokEO: I don't have an account currently. I sold my epic lock last night through ebay. personally id rather just do paypal but you don't have it
DaLuvvBelo: Yea sorry =/
DaLuvvBelo: But youll like the Rogue
DaLuvvBelo: Iam not a scammer.
TevlokEO: Well, I don't plan on buying a non refundable product without knowing what im getting. sorry
DaLuvvBelo: Youll know..
DaLuvvBelo: Ill show you him ingame.
DaLuvvBelo: Gladly show you him ingame.
TevlokEO: I don't have an account. Plus I would like to actually test him out make sure it's worth the money.
DaLuvvBelo: You expect me. To let you use my account while i sit here and wait?
DaLuvvBelo: That makes TONS of sense.
TevlokEO: I guess I did not make it clear when I said I will call you on the phone?
TevlokEO: We can talk while I do it
TevlokEO: Like I said, im not here to scam. just get a good account/
DaLuvvBelo: Iam not here to get scammed.
DaLuvvBelo: I have to hold something in colleteral.
TevlokEO: I have nothing, this is not going to work I guess I will take my buisnuess elsewhere. im sorry for any confusion I may have caused. goodluck though!
DaLuvvBelo: Iam intrested.
DaLuvvBelo: I just dont want to be scammed. You have to understand.
TevlokEO: Oh, I totally understand but I have been selling and buying WoW accounts for about 8 months now made plenty of money. like I bought a epic t1 lock for 250 got his t2 and sold him for 1.2k$
TevlokEO: Im not used to doing things like this but I would just like to do it the way I have been doing it since I starting working with ebay
DaLuvvBelo: Well what about this
DaLuvvBelo: Get me the gamecard
DaLuvvBelo: Ill let you test the accnt
DaLuvvBelo: I want use the gamecard number intill you decide if you want to trade
TevlokEO: But, if I give you it you can add it to the account then block me or somthing. I mean ill order it now to my email but I wont give you it untill I have info to log on once you give me it ill give you card number to active your account while im testing out the rogue
DaLuvvBelo: Then once again you have the upper hand.
DaLuvvBelo: I dont want to ruin my rep on Markee
DaLuvvBelo: By scamming a gamecard.
TevlokEO: Markee? seriosuly I don't trust a single person from that site. people say they don't want to ruin thier rep, yet I see even the moderators scamming
DaLuvvBelo: I totally agree there.
TevlokEO: It's a very unsecure way of trading
DaLuvvBelo: I 100% totally agree with your last statement.
TevlokEO: I understand about me having the upperhand, but if you want Ill call you and give you the Card number personally over the phone after I recieve account information
TevlokEO: Ill order it now. one second
DaLuvvBelo: I seriously would like the card first. Iam not out to scam you , what makes you have the upper hand when i cant have it?
DaLuvvBelo: You also scare me when your willing to pay 500 dollars for something that doesnt have the SQ/A.
TevlokEO: To be honest 100% I could easily take another hour looking for another account and find sombody willing to do it the way I want it. Alot of people know me on ebay as Smokz.
TevlokEO: Ahh for the SQA thing, believe me I have way to get around it =)
DaLuvvBelo: Oh okay
DaLuvvBelo: Well iam intrested man i just dont want to get scammed and for me to let you on my account why i sit and wait is about [censored] stupid no offense. My holding something of yours makes alot ebtter sense.
DaLuvvBelo: Do you not Agree?
TevlokEO: But I have nothing im willing to give that I have avaliable
DaLuvvBelo: Thats why i said the gamecard.
DaLuvvBelo: My account is Worth ALOT more
DaLuvvBelo: Then a 30 dollar gamecard
DaLuvvBelo: But that 30 dollar gamecard makes me feel safer about the trade.
TevlokEO: Im sorry then I don't like the fact of basically giving out 60 days of WoW free, I offerd you the ways I would be willing to do the trade. if you feel unsafe about it im not forcing you to trade the account with me.
DaLuvvBelo: Give me like 10 mins
DaLuvvBelo: To think
TevlokEO: No problem, take your time
TevlokEO: Oh and it's also instant transaction for the gold. I just recived the Card key in my mailbox
TevlokEO: Since im using a CC for the gold
DaLuvvBelo: CC?
DaLuvvBelo: Oh
DaLuvvBelo: Credit CArd
DaLuvvBelo: Not good with Abbrev's =)
TevlokEO: Heh, it's ok
DaLuvvBelo: Let me name a few rules
DaLuvvBelo: IF i get scammed i'll make your life a living hell.
DaLuvvBelo: Everyone in my family is a cop mostly =)
DaLuvvBelo: I'll want you to call
DaLuvvBelo: So ill have your number
DaLuvvBelo: So i can get your address
DaLuvvBelo: I'll also contact all my relatives that are in law.
DaLuvvBelo: So if we dont scam we'll be fine.
DaLuvvBelo: If we scam some shits going down
TevlokEO: The's perfectly fine
TevlokEO: Shall I call now? and whats your name
DaLuvvBelo: Justin
TevlokEO: ALright, ill ask for Justin then
DaLuvvBelo: Iam not going to Answer... I just want your number so i can trace you if you try to scam
DaLuvvBelo: People around this household will flip out
DaLuvvBelo: If they see calls from outta state
DaLuvvBelo: =)
DaLuvvBelo: 205-328-4242
DaLuvvBelo: no
DaLuvvBelo: thats not it
DaLuvvBelo: typo
DaLuvvBelo: 205-382-4242
TevlokEO: Alright, but I use vonage so my number might be blocked if it is let me know ill call from my cell phone
DaLuvvBelo: Okay
DaLuvvBelo: Where do you live?
TevlokEO: UK, but I work nightshifts so I play on US servers
TevlokEO: All ready?
DaLuvvBelo: Whenever u are
DaLuvvBelo: Lol
TevlokEO: Alright getting phone bud
DaLuvvBelo: Alrighty
TevlokEO: Line busy?
DaLuvvBelo: No..
DaLuvvBelo: Whats your home number?
TevlokEO: 713-099-5411
DaLuvvBelo: Is not a working number
TevlokEO: Dial a one before you call =)
DaLuvvBelo: Oh yea
TevlokEO: And make sure you have long distance
DaLuvvBelo: You live way the hell away
TevlokEO: Alot of people have problems with my number
DaLuvvBelo: Nope didnt work
TevlokEO: It's why I use Vonage
TevlokEO: Alright one second
TevlokEO: Yea, it should of worked =(
TevlokEO: I just called it from my cellphone
DaLuvvBelo: Well nmy phone didnt ring
TevlokEO: No my house
TevlokEO: Ill try calling again
DaLuvvBelo: 205-382-4242
DaLuvvBelo: Whats it say
TevlokEO: I get a busy signle
TevlokEO: signel
DaLuvvBelo: Let me make sure
DaLuvvBelo: I gave you the right [censored] number
DaLuvvBelo: Dont even know my own number
DaLuvvBelo: Iam 99.9% sure thats it
TevlokEO: My old number when I used to live in the US was 6103770394
TevlokEO: What type of phone service do you use?
DaLuvvBelo: Its 205-382-4242
DaLuvvBelo: Cingular Wireless
DaLuvvBelo: Its my cell phone
TevlokEO: Oh, no wonder
TevlokEO: Vonage can not pick up Satilites unless they call
DaLuvvBelo: So.. Now what?
TevlokEO: Hmm one second
TevlokEO: Blah, nope =(
TevlokEO: Sure you called the right number?
TevlokEO: 713-099-5411 Is my number I swear
DaLuvvBelo: Who's number starts with a 0
TevlokEO: It's a UK standard look it up
DaLuvvBelo: Well i cant call you
DaLuvvBelo: So
TevlokEO: =/
DaLuvvBelo: Why cant we just trust each other
TevlokEO: I wish I could trust you believe me.
DaLuvvBelo: Well what makes you say you cant.
TevlokEO: The fact of me loosing 750$ in trades in 8 months
DaLuvvBelo: Did you lose $750 from me?
DaLuvvBelo: No.
DaLuvvBelo: You have a trust issue.
DaLuvvBelo: We both need to trust each other.
DaLuvvBelo: I cant help why others scammed you
TevlokEO: Im sorry I just can't give the card number out first =(
DaLuvvBelo: Iam not getting scammed.
DaLuvvBelo: Its simple as that
DaLuvvBelo: Iam starting you find you as a scammer.
DaLuvvBelo: Youll buy an account with no Sq/A for 500 dollars
DaLuvvBelo: You expect everyhing your way
DaLuvvBelo: You want let anyone hold anything of yours
DaLuvvBelo: You CANT trade that way.
TevlokEO: You actually think I would spend my time sitting here for 1 hour?
DaLuvvBelo: You think i would?
TevlokEO: I would if it was 380$
TevlokEO: Besides the fact
TevlokEO: The only thing I have of vaule it the card which I refuse to just hand out
DaLuvvBelo: So you expect me to let you on my account?
DaLuvvBelo: Please explain how that makes [censored] sense.
DaLuvvBelo: You cant
DaLuvvBelo: Because guess what?
DaLuvvBelo: IT DOESNT>
DaLuvvBelo: I know the minds of scammers , wether your trying to or not i want be sucked into it.
DaLuvvBelo: I want to do this
DaLuvvBelo: No doubt
TevlokEO: I wont even log on the account, once i see the information ill almost instanly pastse the CD KEY
TevlokEO: Paste*
DaLuvvBelo: Whats that going to do?
DaLuvvBelo: Anyone can fake a [censored] cd key
DaLuvvBelo: Iam not anywhere near stupid
TevlokEO: I never said you were.
DaLuvvBelo: It's just numbers
DaLuvvBelo: Anyone can make them u
DaLuvvBelo: up
DaLuvvBelo: I've never heard of let me on the account to test play it.
DaLuvvBelo: I've did over 12 trades
DaLuvvBelo: NEVER had i heard that
DaLuvvBelo: If your a scammer admit it.. Your not getting anywhere with me.
DaLuvvBelo: I wanted to do this.
DaLuvvBelo: The RIGHT way.
DaLuvvBelo: Your losing this battle , Bud =/
TevlokEO: Well I have no other solution, im sorry I wish I could have thought of a better way to do this. as for the SQA thing, it's a matter of me and a few of my friends knowing how and what to say to blizzards reps. And have you ever used ebay? NO you used a god dam website that a bunch of 16 year old scammers use.
DaLuvvBelo: No.
DaLuvvBelo: I've used Ebay
DaLuvvBelo: Someones getting pissed off.
DaLuvvBelo: Apparently your using it also.
DaLuvvBelo: Mr . Genius
TevlokEO: Yes im getting pissed off.
DaLuvvBelo: Iam way more intellegent then you so let it all come out.
TevlokEO: You accsing me of scamming
DaLuvvBelo: Go off the deep end
DaLuvvBelo: Iam not calling you a scammer
DaLuvvBelo: I know what SCAMMERS DO.
DaLuvvBelo: YOU GOD*($#N FOOL
DaLuvvBelo: GET IT?
DaLuvvBelo: Do you need acrobat to read it for you?
TevlokEO: Yes you are. Alright then goodluck im not going to argue with you.
DaLuvvBelo: Apparently theres something you dont get
TevlokEO: No I get it
DaLuvvBelo: Then why do you argue?
DaLuvvBelo: Why would i give you my account?
DaLuvvBelo: While i sit here?
DaLuvvBelo: Explain it
DaLuvvBelo: 5
DaLuvvBelo: 4
DaLuvvBelo: 3
DaLuvvBelo: 2
DaLuvvBelo: 1
DaLuvvBelo: ?
DaLuvvBelo: No excuse?
DaLuvvBelo: Its just stupid man?
DaLuvvBelo: Who the [censored] says here man
TevlokEO: Maybe if you shut the hell up and let me explain
DaLuvvBelo: Explain.
DaLuvvBelo: Go.
TevlokEO: If you calm the [censored] down I will GLADY give you a call tommrow. of your specified time Ill use a phone at a friends house then maybe ill think about giving you the card.
DaLuvvBelo: Actually i dont trust you
DaLuvvBelo: Your way to twisty
DaLuvvBelo: Ill pass man
DaLuvvBelo: Keep your 500 Dollars.
TevlokEO: Either way, Ill be calling you. I don't appreciate the fact that you accuse me of a scammer WHEN in fact I said I will end this conversation way before it got here yet you refused.. even though im a supposed scammer.
DaLuvvBelo: You just don't get it?
DaLuvvBelo: You expect someone
DaLuvvBelo: To say here man log on my account
DaLuvvBelo: ?
TevlokEO: No, I expect sombody to be patient. if worst came to worst I would of glady moved it to tommrow
DaLuvvBelo: That's fine.

Not calling him a scammer but definently some ISSUES going on somewhere =)


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All you need is a Trial key to check out a character ingame, which im sure basically you can get from anyone for free.

Alexandra, I read that last night and I also found it amusing /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif That basically screams out suspicious, and yet people still contact him about his deal.