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SOLD US PC 5 Toons ~340cr ~590sp, Abyssal horns, SM Lightning bolt, OG Cosmic mat

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US - PC Account, I'm the original owner, quit for FFXIV months ago.
Send any offers, i just wanna be done with it.
Prefer being paid with crypto, if you use a MM, you cover fees.

Names: 1 pricey og name, 1 good og name, 1 3-letter easily pronouncable name, 2 semi-og names. (DM for name info)
SM season 2's round 30 lightning bolt on all 5 toons
Missing only a couple of elite feats in the game not including latest dlc.
Nearly every single time capsule feat in the game that gives SP is unlocked on all 5 toons
A unique forum title from a charity event
Few bil sitting on main tank.

Tank #1 is lead of an old empty league with an OG name, has hall, statues, max bank.

All toons have cosmic chroma, abyssal horns, and black hole accessory, (most also have crown of solomon)
All toons have 2+ armories, most already have some dps gear/armories, or boxes on them.
All have bottled city to max.
All toons have a rare/pricey supply/orbital. most have the SM shadow strike, all have the magic crystal supply, some have the latest SM's zeus lightning/freeze orbital.
All OP pieces either done, or all but the vendor catalysts to complete the milestone
All toons are female, all but tank #2 are villains.

tank #1: 340cr, 594sp. 97pvp
200 arts: Manacles, Mystic, Everyman, Lasso, Circe mask, EoG, Soul cloak, Solar Amp, Strat, Trans
6b sitting in inv
8 armories
2 of each dom head aug to 23
Materials: OG cosmic, void, liquid, biolum, negative speed force, OG phoenix, OG forcefield, nebula chroma, cosmic chroma, og hacker, smoke chroma, ink, amethyst, sapphire, fire opal, and many, many more.
Auras: thunderstorm, umbral, scorching/furious, white smoke, runic hand auras, and many, many more.
Accessories: black hole, crown of solomon, drone accessory, helpers halo, and many, many more.
Nearly every time capsule style on this one, some on others, some on multiple
An absolute ton of base items
boo utility belt + all 4 boo types

tank #2 (hero): 335cr, 575sp
200 arts: mystic, manacles, everyman
160 arts: EoG

healer #1: 336cr, 593sp
200 arts: Purp ray, Page, Trans, Strat, EoG, Soul cloak, Philo stone, Dead King.
+Grim 199, just needs completion seal to be 200
2 of each feat required resto mod to 23
Materials: og hacker, smoke chroma, void

healer #2: 338cr, 590sp
200 arts: Page, Purp ray, EoG, Soul cloak, Trans, Strat
Auras: thunderstorm

troll #1: 336cr, 590sp
200 arts: Tetra, Cog, Claw, Rao, Soul cloak, Grim, Trans, Strat
+EoG with the xp for 200 stored in it, but no milestones done
Materials: Blue smoke/phoenix/spark, void, biolum, black neon, hologram, runic hand auras, blue ripple, og umbral,

On bank toons:
1x dimensional chroma pack
3x dark cosmic chroma pack
2x abyssal horns
1x Biolum material
2x sorceror's supply drop
800x nth metal detectors
1x nightmare bat t3
1x brainiac turret t3
~5,000 time capsule gear boxes
1x Dark shimmer material
Several hundred powerset chromas, auras, composite chromas, mega resurg accessories
Report ip hash: 9747cc6878c52239d72eb0
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