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Updated List of Artifacts *look inside*


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Armor of Fortune 15m
Stormgrips 1.6m
Kasa of the Ra Jin 1.6m
Royal Legginsg of Embers 2m
Tome of Lost Knowledge 900k
Frostbringer 600k
Small Tombstone of the Damned 2m
Charger of the Fallen 2.2m
Ancient Samurai Helm 990k
Ring of Elements 4.75m
Pendant of te Magi 1.5m
Dread Pirate Hat +10 Fencing 1.3m
Dread Pirate Hat +10 Swords 1.3m
Spell Woven Britches 1.6m
Rune Beetle Carapace 1.5m
Holy Knights Breastplate 600k
Gauntlets of Nobility 2m

Some Prices May be subject to debate, ICQ me with offers.