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Updated List of Artifacts/Items


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Blessed Spirit of the Totem 16.5m
Hunters Headdress 13.5m
Shadow Dancer Leggings 4m
Crystalline Ring 13m
Mace and Shield Glasses 10m
Divine Countenance 1.5m
Arms of Tactical Excellence 600k
Rune Beetle Carapace 1.8m
Kasa of the Rai Jin 1.8m
Charger of the Fallen 2.3m
Daimyos Helm 400k
Pigments of Tokuno
Shadow Dancer Black 3m
Fire Orange 1.6m
Gloves of the Sun 500k
Valorite Cloak 500k
Dread Lord Head of Devlin 2m
Assorted Honorable Swords 450k
Ring of the Elements 4.5m

ICQ me if interested 40898706, Deals can be made for bulk purchases.