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Selling (Unlinked) Rare Starter Acc: SS Imprinted Arbiter Vildred & Sb Aramintha

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- Very RARE Beginner Account with SS Imprinted & 6* Arbiter Vildred! If you think this is just an ordinary AVil account, you are wrong! Arby smelts his enemies quickly and this ARBY smelts his enemies even quicker! No more "a little bit HP left" on the enemies when you do the PvP/PvE farming contents or events.
- 5* Heroes:

  • SS Imprinted Arbiter Vildred (Promoted to 6*)
  • Silver Blade Aramintha
  • Krau
  • Sigret
  • Haste x 2
  • Sez
  • Tywin x 2
- Great Artifacts.
- Unlinked Account which means you can change your Email.

The price is $60.

My Discord: Seterymr#0813

Paypal Only (Or Middleman/Trade Guardian).

**There will be SPECIAL DISCOUNT if you buy multiple accounts.
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