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two more scammers - gungorg18 and mr skribbz


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those two usernames on aim recently scammed me over a bc beta key.

mr skribbz claimed he didnt use paypal/couldnt log in to paypal and needed me to order two codes for him from shatteredcrystal. I did so, and then we did the exchange. I gave him the codes and lo and behold he claimed he was sending the email and i NEVER RECIEVED IT. Since then he has yet to respond to me.

gungorg18 had me send him the money over paypal to [email protected] I sent the money and he claimed he had to go over to his friends house to send the beta key, something he failed to mention before the transaction. he then dissapeared, and has failed to respond to me since.

don't deal with either of these two scammers. i still haven't found a BC key but i no longer have the heart or the cash flow to keep trying.