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Selling Twitch subs 0.6$/sub offered by middleman delivery is instant again. Make 100$


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I had stopped selling subs for the last 2 months because the twitch scene was getting unreliable.
Now i'm back and i can deliver subs right away.
My discord is : https://discord.gg/ybq6rDP
Price : 0.6$ per sub; Twitch pays you 2.4$

Delivery : right after the payment
Guarantees :
-If the subs are not delivered after the payment i'll issue a refund and not hold your money hostage

1. There will be no refunds unless a confirmed mistake was made on our end, and our end only.
2. If anything happens to your Twitch account, please keep in mind that all we are responsible for is the product we sell you. After you buy from us, everything that happens afterwards is entirely your responsibility
3. If you buy from a reseller, please note you will be paying a higher price to cover fees and whatnot.
4. In an occasion where Twitch does not payout / drop subs, and accounts get banned. We are not responsible and no refund will be provided. We hold the right to change/modify our terms of conditions whenever, and however we wish with or without notification.

Tips on Staying Safe:
- STAY HUMBLE - Stream roughly 5 hours a week. This includes a blank screen, brb screen, anything. As long as you put some hours in, it’ll help you out in terms of activity.
- Viewbot. Don’t be too excessive that people report you for viewbotting, as that may lead to you being investigated or ban. Be humble; 10-20 viewers. Buy some followers too, the bigger your channel looks, the more money you can make.
- Keep your payout amount between $1,000 and $2,000. This is if you want to stay safe. You can go higher, but keep in mind, the risk of detection will increase.
- Disable your top cheerers, if you’re an actual streamer, seeing someone donate many thousands of bits without ever being in your channel will raise questions. - Remove the discord feature that says when you’re streaming. If you’re streaming for the hours, you don’t want people wandering into your channel. This has the possibility to raise questions.
- Two affiliate accounts: Instead of one large payout, if you have the opportunity, buy an affiliate account and split the payout in half instead. It’s better to have two $2,000 payouts than one $4,000 payout. "

Do not buy from resellers, buy from me. An established and trusted vendor.
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Good man, i tested with 7 subs and they came instant. Ill get more from him for the next months while subs are available. 100% Recommended.
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