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AaronStevens06: Yes whats up
Ultrafag5000: Sorry I bet you think I'm annoying
Ultrafag5000: But
Ultrafag5000: You posted on markee
Ultrafag5000: Looking for a CD key
Ultrafag5000: or game time?
AaronStevens06: Yes just need a cd key atm
Ultrafag5000: Well what did you have for trade? I forget.. I add like 500 people a day
Ultrafag5000: Got a link to thread?
AaronStevens06: I have a 50 warrior I dont use
Ultrafag5000: SQ/A?
Ultrafag5000: I mean
Ultrafag5000: You got it?
AaronStevens06: yup
Ultrafag5000: Umm
Ultrafag5000: Well I don't have a cd key persay
Ultrafag5000: I made a new account
Ultrafag5000: Yesterday
Ultrafag5000: So
Ultrafag5000: I cant like say its new cause you can check date
Ultrafag5000: Made it yesterday
Ultrafag5000: till july 28th
Ultrafag5000: subscrip
Ultrafag5000: So if you were going to make account
Ultrafag5000: You have time on it
Ultrafag5000: and its new
AaronStevens06: Ahh I need a new cd key
Ultrafag5000: To make account though?
AaronStevens06: yea
Ultrafag5000: Well.. My account was made yesterday.. so its basically a new cd key
Ultrafag5000: You can even see
Ultrafag5000: when it was made
Ultrafag5000: says june 28th 2006
Ultrafag5000: Also.. if you made new account youd have to buy time
Ultrafag5000: I already dod
Ultrafag5000: did*
AaronStevens06: Sorry I want a unused cd key
Ultrafag5000: Can you link me to your thread though?
Ultrafag5000: please
Ultrafag5000: for 2 sec
Ultrafag5000: I'm not going to add a negative cause you wont trade with me obviously
Ultrafag5000: I just want to see
AaronStevens06: huh?
Ultrafag5000: You got a markeedragon name?
AaronStevens06: yes
Ultrafag5000: Name.. I just want to see.. I wont add a negative cause you wont trade with me
Ultrafag5000: Cause Im not a baby
Ultrafag5000: I just want to see
Ultrafag5000: Lol not answering
Ultrafag5000: Anyway
Ultrafag5000: I put your AIM name in and searched it
Ultrafag5000: Yopur also xilus
Ultrafag5000: I told you I made the account yesterday.. So its BRAND new like a CD key.. Same thing.. I also put 1 month in and you dont want to trade? Its because I can recall right? once you scam me? Thats why you want just cd key
Ultrafag5000: So you can take it
Ultrafag5000: and run
Ultrafag5000: Well.. I'm not stupid scammer
Ultrafag5000: Sorry =:-(
Ultrafag5000: An account that I made yesterday.. is the same as a new CD key
Ultrafag5000: Scammers really disapointed me these days
AaronStevens06 signed off at 22:28:37.

I then went on my other AIMs and he kept blocking me. I kept telling him how much of an idiot he was for trying to scam me.. And that it would never work since I had been scammed many times before so I know... He then proceeded to call me a scammer.. then kept logging off... Later on he admitted to being a scammer and begged me to not spread his AIM name.. Takes 2 minutes to make a AIM name so =/


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Wow kid you have some issues... If you read what he wrote you notice how he states I want your markee name, I wont give you negative feedback because you won't trade me... Would you have gave him your markee name? Sounded odd to me, and where did I scam you at? Nowhere so good bye!

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Its amazing though how bad scammers are these days. If you weren't a scammer. You wouldn't have blocked me and ignored me after I asked you for your markee name. You would have defended yourself as not being a scammer. Also, your an aka and have 2 negatives? or 3 on your other account? You ARE scammer. Wow stop trying, your bad. Please stop trying...

EDIT: I repeat, you have another account with negatives. PLEASE don't reply. You make yourself look bad..

Rekilen-temp banned

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You were already done here.. You OBVIOSULY wanted a fresh cd key because it was a number that noone could recall. I told you I made the account yesterday and would show you screenshots. But look at my profile, I gave it away because I dont care. The fact is, you tryed to scam me, I figured it out.

Like I said, you say your done here, well your right. Your an AKA and have negatives on your other account. Anyone who is serious about a trade and isn't a weird person (avoiding the cencor hehe, weird is well, you guys know...) will check out your profile and your other account and see that your a scammer.


-Wants CD key so the person cant recall
-Blocked me after I figured him out
- Has negatives (2 accounts)

Simple as that. You're a scammer, now lets stop arguing about you being a scammer and just bump this thread every 2-3 days. k? ty