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Looking to sell this account, pre-alpha access. It was originally $1000 USD pledge. Comes with the below:

  • Get Pre-Alpha Testing Access
  • Get Alpha Testing Access
  • Get Beta Testing Access
  • 6 months game subscription
  • VIP Forum access
  • VIP Discord access
  • Digital copy of the game
  • Early name reservation
  • Early character creation prior to launch
  • Buddy Code for additional digital download
  • Game Title: Pantheon Explorer
  • Game Title: Legate
  • Game Title: Bloodsworn
  • Game Title: Black Rose
  • Bloodsworn Nameplate Icon
  • Legate Nameplate Icon
  • Black Rose Nameplate Icon
  • Digital Lore and Art book
  • Digital Soundtrack of the Music of Pantheon
  • In-Game Triumvirate Nameplate
  • Name appears in game credits as tester
  • Invite to Founder's Conclave
  • Stack of Minor Illusion Flasks
  • Choice of Explorer's Backpack OR Bag of the Legate OR Satchel of the Black Rose
  • Choice of Legate's Tunic OR Tunic of the Ages OR Robe of the Black Rose
  • Keepsake Vanity Pet OR Black Rose Vanity Pet
  • Ring of the Fallen
  • 5 item renaming vouchers
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