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tried to scam


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[19:31] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: hi
[19:31] wowcamu: hi
[19:32] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: ive got 250 g on spirtestone
[19:32] wowcamu: really?
[19:32] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: Yes
[19:32] wowcamu: but it says here on aim ur a scammer
[19:32] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: really?
[19:32] wowcamu: yup
[19:32] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: Link?
[19:32] wowcamu: hold on
[19:33] wowcamu: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post245700
[19:33] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: lets see.
[19:33] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: hmm.
[19:33] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: 2 things..
[19:33] wowcamu: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post244594
[19:33] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: I dont know who that is
[19:33] wowcamu: here is anthor 1
[19:33] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: And theres no prooth
[19:34] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: /wait
[19:34] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: once again dont know who itis
[19:34] wowcamu: but he said u scammed him
[19:34] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: but i didnt.
[19:34] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: i have no idea who that is,
[19:35] wowcamu: but ok
[19:35] wowcamu: ill try to trust u pst galtin on aim
[19:35] wowcamu: * in game
[19:35] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: I want the GC first--
[19:36] wowcamu: nope
[19:36] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: its on a lvl 1 of mine..
[19:36] wowcamu: that is a sign of a scammer
[19:36] wowcamu: sorry
[19:36] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: No thanks then good luck
[19:36] wowcamu: lol
[19:36] wowcamu: scammer
[19:36] mOmMyHaTeSmElOtS: w/e lol