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tRaViSIsSwEeT08 is a scammer.


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nononeuwanttono: dude, you scammed me.
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: no [censored]
nononeuwanttono: wow.
nononeuwanttono: why
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: im a scammer you [censored] dumb sack of [censored]
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: stupid [censored]
nononeuwanttono: your not a very nice person.
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: thats what your mom said when i gave her rough sex
nononeuwanttono: wow, a 12 year old scammer...
nononeuwanttono: so, why did you do it
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: you got it
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: cause i felt like it
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: sucks to be you not me
tRaViSIsSwEeT08: :cool:
nononeuwanttono: wow...
nononeuwanttono: you are a complete [censored] head.

aaaahhhh.....some people are so mean : /