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SOLD Top tier Raiding account with billions worth in items

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Satele Shan
Original Owner


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Hello, I'm the original owner of this account.
I am a Master mode Raider and have defeated every boss in the operations: Nature of progress (on Veteran Mode), Valley of the Machine Gods on Master mode, and all bosses in prior raids on all difficulties.
Not only that, but one of my characters has achieved Top 4 in ranked PvP (Season 11).
There are 130k unspent Ranked PVP tokens on all the characters that participated in ranked PVP. I
have attempted to list as many things as I could there is more to this account than what has been listed below.

My asking price is 1350 USD, I'm willing to negotiate on the price.


  • Account has around 80,000 in cartel coins, most of it is unclaimed items in the cartel market that you're able to refund and buy something else with.
  • Subscription is currently inactive.
  • 150 million credit toy (Yarvok's Gratitude) that makes you glow yellow, you're able to claim this on alts for 1 credit since the main paid 150m for it. (Dantooine vendor)Fully unlocked
  • 130k ranked PVP tokens
  • Legacy bay - 7 tabs
  • Tons of Cartel market items unlocked to account, I will include a screenshot. Billions worth in items that you're still able to sell on the cartel market. All are stored in the legacy bays. (will include screenshots of this too).
  • 7.5 billion credits on Satele Shan plus an approximate, and 660 million credits on the Star forge server.
  • Across both servers, there are a ton of items you're able to sell. I estimate the worth is around 60 billion credits in items.
  • Fully Decked out Alderaan Stronghold. Also has other strongholds fully unlocked, such as Rishi, Nar Shadda, Dromund Kaas, and Coruscant. Over 700m credits were spent on decorations.
  • HK-55 Bonus Chapter unlocked. This means you're able to get Hk-55 and Z00m as companions.
  • You will also get a Cantina crate when you create a new character, a very low chance to receive a black and black dye, and the first grand statue of Mandalore from it.
  • Kai Zyken log mount for participating in the public test server for 6.0
  • 86% operation completion - all earned in 5.0 and later.
  • Kakkran Daggerstar (subscriber reward mount)
  • Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun (Subscriber Reward)
  • Live stream 2018 Flair
  • Celebration Cantina 2019 Flair
  • San Diego Comic Con 2019 flair
  • Pipeworks Flair (Steam Promotion reward 2020)
  • Praxon Rall Companion (Subscriber reward)
  • Darth Hexid companion (Subscriber reward)
  • Shae Vizla Companion (Subscriber Reward) - Best DPS companion in the game
  • Nautolan Species unlock (Subscriber Reward)
  • All referral system rewards
  • Has the baron death mark helmet, which is bound to legacy on Satele Shan. This is a ranked PVP reward, worth 50k Ranked tokens.
  • Has the furious weapon set, also bound to legacy on Satele Shan

Satele Shan Server: ( This is the main server I played on)

Main Assassin (level 75). This character is item level 306, it's geared for deception and is fully augmented with min/maxed stats.

  • This assassin was ranked silver in season 11. Has Covert flame (Rare mount from Master mode uprisings), Praxon Bloodline, Praxon Firaxa (both from Operations), Wings of the Architect (from master mode dread fortress operation), Cybernetic Rancor (rare mount from Eternal championship), A few cartel market mounts and armours I did not account unlock.
  • Has the titles "Dread Master Playername", "playername of the ruined world", "Dread Slayer Playername", "playername From Beyond", "Dragonslayer Playername","Playername the Brutal", and "Playername the Pitiless".
  • Other than the main Level 75 assassin, this account also has 2 other Level 75 assassins on the account, and one level 75 Jedi Shadow to mirror this class. You can share the same gear you have on the main assassin with them all. One of the alt assassins is geared for tanking and owns a guild with a flagship and has the title "Dread Master Playername".
  • Completed all of Master mode Knights of the Fallen Empire and Master mode Eternal Thrones chapters using this character.

Level 75 Sith Juggernaut is fully geared to 306 for both Tank and DPS.

  • Has x2 Gray Helix lightsaber with black-silver colour crystal and executioners tunings (one for DPS and 1 for tank)
  • Earned Bronze in ranked PVP on this character in season 11. Has wings of the dragon (from Master mode Valley of the machine gods operation), Wings of the Architect (from dread fortress master mode operation), Dread enhanced rancor (from Master mode Dread palace operation), Praxon Bloodline, Praxon Firaxa, and Praxon Pyrocast from operations. This character also has some hard to get titles from master mode operations such as "Playername Slayer of the machine gods", "DragonSlayer playername", "Gate Crasher Playername", "Dread Master Playername", "Warstalker playername", "Playername From Beyond", and Revanchist title.

Level 75 Powertech has the top 4 for its class in ranked PVP, so it has a season 11 platinum flair and all the rewards that came with it.

  • This character also has wings of the dragon, wings of the Architect, the crest of the dread master, Dread Enhanced Rancor.
  • Other than this main Powertech, there are 7 other Powertech alts, some of which were used to do operations in the case that the main was locked out for the week in a particular operation.
  • Level 75 vanguard to mirror this character, also has a crest of the dread master, Dragon slayer title, eternal warrior, dread slayer, the brutal, the pitiless. This character was ranked silver in season 11.

Level 75 Sith Marauder was ranked bronze in season 11. It has the warstalker title, and "playername the pitiless".

  • There is a level 75 Jedi Sentinel on this account to mirror the marauder, it doesn't have much other than an amazing-looking outfit. However, it can share gear with the marauder.

The level 75 Sniper has a Dread Forged sniper rifle, Kingpin's sniper rifle. Its item rating is 306, and it's ready for VM/MM raids/ And ranked PVP. This character also has a very valuable name, I will disclose this after you buy the account.

  • This character has a Dread Enhanced Rancor from Master mode Dread PalaceNotable titles: "Dread Master Playername", "Dragonslayer Playername". Has an outfit that looks very similar to the original kell dragon armour

Level 75 Operative ( healing and DPS gear 306). Has Eternal Champion's Blaster rifle. Has Strike force Tauntaun.

  • 75 Scoundrel to mirror this class. Just got it max level, nothing else was done on it. You can share gear from the operative with this character (all except the main hand and offhand)

Level 75 Sith Sorceror is item level 306, and has corrupter blades from Veteran Mode Dread fortress. Has an Outfit that looks like the original Kell Dragon armour.

Level 75 Mercenary. Haven't done much with this character, other than get it to level 75.

On Star Forge: (Use this server to sell items)

A level 75 Mercenary with 660 million credits, and billions worth of items to sell. Also has all the SHs listed above. All the legacy bay unlocks. I estimate the value of items on this server exceeds 25 billion easily.

There is also a low-level character that owns a guild with a flagship.

Other than that, many available character slots to start a new character on the Star Forge Server.

Some Screenshots/GIFs: (More screenshots are available if you request)

Notable raiding mounts on one of the main characters. Names in order as they are previewed: Wings of the Dragon, Wings of the Architect, Dread Enhanced Rancor, and many more.

Yarvok's Gratitude (Worth 150m credits to finish achievement, after which you can buy on alts for 1 credit) - ability lasts 5 minutes and has a cooldown of only 2 seconds. Can use unlimited amounts of time. Show off how rich you are with this.

Strongholds: (I transferred a character from one server to the other a couple of days ago, so this means the unlocks for decorations are the same on SS and SF)

  • Only the Alderaan Stronghold is decorated. All other strongholds are empty.
  • I spent around a billion credits to unlock decorations. Based on the current gtn prices, I bought my decorations at a cheaper price.
  • If you're looking to make people jealous. This collection alone is more than enough to accomplish that.
  • Some notable decoration unlocks include x4 burning skulls, x1 Oriconian warrior statue, x1 Reconstructed Hypergate, and x2 Anti-Air craft turrets (These are Master mode operation decorations and are hard to come across. Also includes many other PVE decorations from both operations, flashpoints, uprisings, and other places.
  • Multiples of most cartel market decorations are also unlocked, the list is too big to mention. The collection is very large, and you will not be disappointed

    Selling Account On PlayerAuctions As Well: https://www.playerauctions.com/swto...3.1759100361.1660006362-2115006697.1658631354
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