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Tons of Artifacts, Rares, Rewards, Etc. List & Price Inside


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Spirit of the Totem (Blessed) 22 Million
Staff of Magi (Original Pure White!) 3.5 Million
Crimson Cinture 18.5 Million
Dryad Bow (+10 Peace) 5 Million
Arcane Shield (Original Blue!) 3.75 Million
Mace & Shield Glasses (Original Green!) 9 Million
Gladiator Boots PVP Event Item (blessed) 10 Million
Pure white sash wizard hat (blessed) 10 Million
Midnight Bracers 4.4 Million
Elite spear 48 Fireball, 38 Mana Leech, 25 SSI, 42 Dmg Inc & UBWS
HB 8 Million Buyout 15 Million
140 luck medable elf tunic 750k
140 luck medable chainmail legs 800k
True evil mage skirt 800k
True evil mage doublet 800k
(Both for 1.5)
Ethereal Unicorn 700k
Ethereal Ostard 600k
Ethereal Beetle 700k
Jet black robe (5th) 1.2 Million
Jet black cloak (5th) 1.2 Million
Agapite Robe (2nd) 300k
"A Copper Robe" collectable (1st) 400k
Copper Robe 200k (1st)
Europa Gold sash Robe (unmarked) - Offer
Tall potted trees 800k each
Small "whispy" potted plants, 250k each
Fat purple potted plants 650k each
Stitchers Mittens (pure white) 2 Million
Lard of Parox 200k each
Mischief Maker (original blue) 900k
Level 9 Doom Saddle 3.5 Million
120 Discord 200k
Plate of Honor Gloves + Gorget 750k Each
Death's Essence Gloves, Tunic, Legs 450k each
2 Khaldun Lights (Rare) 1.5 Million Each
Khaldun Zealot Sword (Grey Viking Sword, Rare) 500k each
Neira's Red Scimitar - 6.5 Million
Sigil Hued Deer Mask - Offer
Kasa of the Ra-jin 1.3 Million
Runebeetle Carapace 1.45 Million
Ice Blue Cu Sidhe 2 Million
Black Cu Sidhe 2 Million
"Someone's Dagger" (Blessed) 750k
Candelabra of Souls 900k Each
AOS Invul Blue Apron 400k
AOS Invul Blue Cloak 200k

& LOTS of Weapons and Bows. ICQ me what you're looking for.
No trades PERIOD. Some prices negotiable. Just Q and ask!