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Tisk Tisk - Another Scammer Down (Dix1989)


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dix1989 (2:05:58 PM): hey i saw ur post on forums on markee
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:06:03 PM): Hello
dix1989 (2:06:06 PM): whats up
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:06:12 PM): Nada
dix1989 (2:06:30 PM): ok so i got a 60 undead mage on illidan, u interested?
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:06:40 PM): Hell yea, whats all the specs on it.
dix1989 (2:07:05 PM): 31 arc, rest into fire
dix1989 (2:07:11 PM): u can respec if u want obviously
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:07:20 PM): I meant gear wise, etc.
dix1989 (2:07:25 PM): ooo lol sorry
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:07:30 PM): :p
dix1989 (2:07:54 PM): ok i got netherwind from onyxia, along with arcanist mantle, arcanist gloves and arcanist belt
dix1989 (2:08:00 PM): im using staff of dominance righ tnow
dix1989 (2:08:07 PM): netherwind head*
dix1989 (2:08:29 PM): those r what i got from sets
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:08:37 PM): Epic mount?
dix1989 (2:08:49 PM): yea
dix1989 (2:08:52 PM): purple war
dix1989 (2:09:05 PM): along wiht my regular =P
dix1989 (2:09:11 PM): if u ever want to show that off
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:09:27 PM): :p
dix1989 (2:09:32 PM): umm
dix1989 (2:09:33 PM): enchanting
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:09:35 PM): How much u asking?
dix1989 (2:09:35 PM): 300
dix1989 (2:09:39 PM): whoa whoa
dix1989 (2:09:44 PM): was gonna give u more info =P
dix1989 (2:09:47 PM): but ok
dix1989 (2:10:14 PM): well im actually going to college in teh fall and my lil bro is starting up an account so i figured id sell this for gold, u cool wtih that?
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:10:49 PM): Seeming by the 1989 in your SN... your only 17
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:10:52 PM): How are u going to college?
dix1989 (2:11:06 PM): tahts my address cheif =P
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:11:17 PM): Lol your address?
dix1989 (2:11:31 PM): yea i wanted to funny name, but im sure 1-whatever was taken up
dix1989 (2:11:38 PM): so i just chose my address
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:11:50 PM): Can you prove all your stuff in game?
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:11:58 PM): And how much gold do you need bought?
dix1989 (2:12:36 PM): well with my monthly fees ive paid thorughout the time, i just added that and some more for my gear and the rest
dix1989 (2:12:50 PM): so i figured around 200
dix1989 (2:13:09 PM): if u check ohters, alot are 300
dix1989 (2:13:18 PM): but im not gonna get into others accounts much
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:13:19 PM): K not worried about that, can you prove in game?
dix1989 (2:13:51 PM): well
dix1989 (2:13:56 PM): kinda hard considering the facts
dix1989 (2:14:08 PM): i couldnt just give u the account name and password
xxDurdySanchezxx (2:14:08 PM): Lol just stop, its obvious your a scammer, goodbye.
dix1989 signed off at 2:14:15 PM.