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throughtheeyes is a scammer heres the aim


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ThroughTheEyes6: Hey there, just was looking at your mage, I have a very well geared Hunter. Would you like to see my post? ( hes really nice geared but its fine if your undergeared, I can gear him up very quick )HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: sureThroughTheEyes6: I have +pos rep, and many resources are being legit.ThroughTheEyes6: of*ThroughTheEyes6: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/239082/an/0/page/0#239082HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: i have t1 stuff budThroughTheEyes6: I have infact trialed 5 chars now.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: ur guys is way goodHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: my guy is unlucky tooHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: not a damn mage piece will drop for meThroughTheEyes6: Okay, up to you man. Im just sayin, I can gear him up quick so gear isnt the biggest deal to me.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: well im next in line for like all t1
but it wont drop
HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: guild is up to firemaw but really hasnt attempted himd owned vael 1 shotThroughTheEyes6: As you can see, Im very legit and no scammer. I have trialed 5 chars now and you may speak with them if youd like or even come in vent with me while I BG.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: so guild will be in aq in no timeThroughTheEyes6: Im willing to talk on the phone, whatever. HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: im tottaly interested manHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: question is are you =PThroughTheEyes6: I really like Gnomes!ThroughTheEyes6: :pHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: heheThroughTheEyes6: I would of had a Gnome hunter.ThroughTheEyes6: But yeah.ThroughTheEyes6: Hehe.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: well i can show youHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: but i am 100% sure u wont likeHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: cuz hes not like uberThroughTheEyes6: Would I be able to trial the character for 1-2 BG's.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: hes still has bluesThroughTheEyes6: Would help me with my desicion.ThroughTheEyes6: If not.ThroughTheEyes6: Its understandble.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: of course!HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: i expect the sameThroughTheEyes6: Alright. Would you like to come in vent?HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: im no scammer
HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: mics broken =(HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: thats good for you cuz my guild haznt heard my voice lolThroughTheEyes6: I can give you my alt account, I dont require my mains account, for the fact of D-Eing and screwing around. Not sayin you will but.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: i got yaThroughTheEyes6: Im very secure on it.ThroughTheEyes6: :\HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: your "Alt" account?
ThroughTheEyes6: Yeah.ThroughTheEyes6: I have 2 accounts.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: why would i wanna play that tho lolThroughTheEyes6: Just so you have something of mine.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: or u mean as collateralThroughTheEyes6: Instead of nothing.ThroughTheEyes6: Collateral.ThroughTheEyes6: I can give you my cell number.ThroughTheEyes6: Also.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: aw i seeHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: well let me show u in gameHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: and u can decide if u wanna testThroughTheEyes6: Alrighty.ThroughTheEyes6: Which server/race/ThroughTheEyes6: ?*HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: kaelcgosHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: gnomeThroughTheEyes6: You got it buddy.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: name is nepognomeThroughTheEyes6: Be right thereThroughTheEyes6: Would you like any info on my hunter?ThroughTheEyes6: Name is Throughthe, couldnt fit the whole thing! haha.ThroughTheEyes6: Sorry, brb.ThroughTheEyes6: Sorry for leaving you so quickly, gotta help my brother.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: npThroughTheEyes6: Okay back, while i hop on, would you like to come in vent or take my cell number? ThroughTheEyes6: Totally up to you.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: mine is 702-610-5119 my mics broken but thats my number im kinda emberrassed talkin on phone but ya there it is
HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: is ur server pve?
ThroughTheEyes6: PvP.ThroughTheEyes6: I am Hunter officer in my guild.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: kk nvm then i have an alt gnome rogue on pve server on diff account in more t1 then mageThroughTheEyes6: Oh gothca.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: and u have all that and want to trade?ThroughTheEyes6: Correct.ThroughTheEyes6: They need mages.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: and they would no?ThroughTheEyes6: And pallies.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: meaning u will tell them?ThroughTheEyes6: Yeah, my brother is the GM.ThroughTheEyes6: He would understand.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: nice they wouldnt boot me would they?ThroughTheEyes6: No.ThroughTheEyes6: Absoloutly not.ThroughTheEyes6: Id make sure of it HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: kk i kno how to play all chars
been playing since game came outThroughTheEyes6: OMG! Brb! Damn mom!HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: lolThroughTheEyes6: Sorry :pHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: np bud
HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: o hey if ya wanna kno what i look like or what not so ur not all like what if this guys blah blah my myspace name is myspace.com/nikd18HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: hehe let me kno when u back budThroughTheEyes6: Grr, sorry, Im back.ThroughTheEyes6: Damn mothers.ThroughTheEyes6: Hehe.ThroughTheEyes6: I have a myspace too! lolHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: lol
HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: so can i see him?ThroughTheEyes6: Yeah, gimme one sec.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: okie dokieThroughTheEyes6: Someone is currently trialing him.ThroughTheEyes6: Didnt know if he was off or not.ThroughTheEyes6: Had to log on an alt accountHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: lolThroughTheEyes6: So if you'd like, I can try out the mage, then if i like, the hunter is all yours, ill call blizz monday and get it all changed for you. the email and suchThroughTheEyes6: All up to you bud.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: well i would really like to see hunter firstThroughTheEyes6: remember, I cant do anything without the SQ-A. And im a legit person.ThroughTheEyes6: Understandble.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: can u just meet me like ona mountain or w/e
ThroughTheEyes6: Hes in AB atm ThroughTheEyes6: Lemme ask himThroughTheEyes6: sec.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: wait ur not on ur hunter?ThroughTheEyes6: Someone is trialing himThroughTheEyes6: I trialed their pally, now their tryin my hunter.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: ohHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: so your doin other offers hehThroughTheEyes6: Ive trialed 5 chars so far.ThroughTheEyes6: I want your mage though!ThroughTheEyes6: I dont really enjoy pallies though.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: =) well thank youHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: no neither do i plus when 70 coems out leveling on pallys is slow as hell
ThroughTheEyes6: I can assure you, Im legit. I would never do anything to anyones account. I have 5 people to prove it.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: i have no doubt ur legitThroughTheEyes6: I can tell you anything about my hunter, its my orignal character. My first char ever to 60.ThroughTheEyes6: My account has many alts. And comes with about 600g.ThroughTheEyes6: I just really like your mage, his hair and such, hehe.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: alrighty w/e go for itHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: nep0///scrubs18ThroughTheEyes6: Would you like my alt account?HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: *crosses fingers* hope u like him =)HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: nah
ThroughTheEyes6: AlrightThroughTheEyes6: I love his look.ThroughTheEyes6: Why is my comp being slow, lol.ThroughTheEyes6: I hate it.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: lolThroughTheEyes6: Okay, dumb firewall.ThroughTheEyes6: Loggin in nowHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: =)ThroughTheEyes6: Zomg mods.ThroughTheEyes6: I hate that.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: lolHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: how long u wanna trial 4?ThroughTheEyes6: Another 20mins?ThroughTheEyes6: I love him!HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: k im hopin in the shower =)HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: good to hear hes my babyThroughTheEyes6: Okay man, see you soon!HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: k im backThroughTheEyes6: Dude, I love him.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: =) ThroughTheEyes6: Gimme a sec, almost winning this AB!HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: hes fun huhThroughTheEyes6: Away from aim for a sec.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: yay! go abThroughTheEyes6: bam critThroughTheEyes6: So close!ThroughTheEyes6: This pug is doin goodHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: haThroughTheEyes6 went away at 1:57:51 PM.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: soooThroughTheEyes6: Brb.ThroughTheEyes6: Sorry, moms callinThroughTheEyes6: Can i get in one more AB?>HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: sureThroughTheEyes6: Ty so much, brb thoughHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: um i have mc at 3 sooo yaThroughTheEyes6: Ah okay. Almost done with this AB.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: kHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: i got an offer for u...can i test out hunter while u do mc?ThroughTheEyes6: Thats fine.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: that way u can up ur epics tooThroughTheEyes6: HeheThroughTheEyes6: Sounds good.ThroughTheEyes6: !HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: so do u like him?ThroughTheEyes6: Love himHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: heheHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: and your really considering trade?ThroughTheEyes6: Yes.ThroughTheEyes6: Very much.ThroughTheEyes6: Sorry to do this to you, but I'll be right back for 10 mins, dinner. See you soon buddy!HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: even with the HUGE difference in gear and evenw hen u can easily geta full t2 mage? gnomeThroughTheEyes6: Ive been tryin to trade the hunter for abour 1 week.ThroughTheEyes6: And i just want this mage, perfect for me.ThroughTheEyes6: I dont care about gear.ThroughTheEyes6: brbThroughTheEyes6: in 10HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: so can i get hunte rinfo now?ThroughTheEyes6: Sorry, had dinner, what time will you be on tilHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: as long as mc lasts?ThroughTheEyes6: I mean on AIMHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: ionno whyThroughTheEyes6: Just so I can get into touch with youThroughTheEyes6: Im still eatin but wanted to see if you IMed meHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: can i get hunter info tho?ThroughTheEyes6: yeah, once sec.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: ?HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: hello?
HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: how come my pass is changed? and how come your not replyingThroughTheEyes6: Sorry.ThroughTheEyes6: Was eating dinner.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: why is my password changedThroughTheEyes6: I changed it because mods were messing up and I was gettin annoyed by yours.ThroughTheEyes6: So I just changed it.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: scrubs18?
ThroughTheEyes6: Sorry, forgot to tell you.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: how is that annoyinjgHeLoO BeAuTiFuL: what is it?ThroughTheEyes6: Yeah but mine is easier.ThroughTheEyes6: thedimd65?ThroughTheEyes6: I think.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: no its notThroughTheEyes6: 66?HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: what is itThroughTheEyes6: or 45.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: how do you not noThroughTheEyes6: I used either of those.ThroughTheEyes6 returned at 2:36:11 PM.ThroughTheEyes6 signed off at 2:36:11 PM.ThroughTheEyes6 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.HeLoO BeAuTiFuL: please dont change it