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thor wanna be?


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Idk maybe it just sounded shady but sounded like a scamming trying to act like somone else on this site?

gcfullback22: kk
gcfullback22 returned at 6:22:48 PM.
DinnerRollofDoom: k
gcfullback22 is away at 6:24:12 PM.
gcfullback22: so
gcfullback22: lol in case you didnt notice
gcfullback22: because i am a broker for MD, as soon as you posted your little message, i got an email immediatley, so i know what you said
gcfullback22: being a broker has that power over a normal consumer lol
DinnerRollofDoom: yea

Auto response from gcfullback22: ughhh leave me aloneee


DinnerRollofDoom: will u post on my post then
DinnerRollofDoom: to say it is u
gcfullback22: i cannt post unless i am dealing with middle-men or some kind of technical advice
DinnerRollofDoom: send me a PM then
gcfullback22: i dont know how to get rid of filter chat for MD yet, ive only been working here for about 2 1/2 months
DinnerRollofDoom: i would need you to verify who u are you know?
gcfullback22: this is my homepage
gcfullback22: that good enough?
gcfullback22: you can contact me via ICQ if needed
gcfullback22: 112385156
DinnerRollofDoom: i understand that
DinnerRollofDoom: but i would just have some other way to verify u are thor u know?
DinnerRollofDoom: i have never sold anything big on markeedragon
gcfullback22: that is all the information i can give out, my ICQ, my homepage and previous vouches
gcfullback22 returned at 6:30:30 PM.
DinnerRollofDoom: i will wait tell somone can verify that thor's aim is this
DinnerRollofDoom: sorry im kinda hesitinet scammers are [censored]
DinnerRollofDoom: lol
gcfullback22: well someone will vouche for me
gcfullback22: are their any other alts on account?
gcfullback22: ?
gcfullback22: are you there?
DinnerRollofDoom: sorru
DinnerRollofDoom: making dinner
gcfullback22: ahhh i see
DinnerRollofDoom: 23 bard on zek
DinnerRollofDoom: nothing on it
DinnerRollofDoom: 55 druid on tunare
gcfullback22: ahh i just sold a bard
gcfullback22: one sec email
gcfullback22: there
gcfullback22: LOL
gcfullback22: the guy i sold my bard to vouched for me
DinnerRollofDoom: necro? lol
gcfullback22: main was a bard
gcfullback22: uber account
DinnerRollofDoom: ok that works,
gcfullback22: 70 bard time/txevu/CoA equiped
DinnerRollofDoom: how do u want to pay? do u want to see ingame 1st?
gcfullback22: necro was 65 with ele gear
gcfullback22: well this has always been how i do purchases, you tell me everquest account information, i check on website, then go through MD records to make sure you dont have a history, then if all is legit, i will send PAYPAL to wherever, 190 dollars
DinnerRollofDoom: no thanks, sorry :-\
DinnerRollofDoom: i dont give info tell i have the money in my account
gcfullback22: sorry then
gcfullback22: good luck
DinnerRollofDoom: thanks
DinnerRollofDoom: u2