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This kid is a joke


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Last night I offered to trade my friend shaman for his warrior, and my friend would receive my warlock, and I'd receive this guy's warrior.

The trade worked out okay, until I go to change the password, and it gave me an error saying the password was invalid (meaning the pass was changes just before I was about to change the pass to the warrior, since it was mine now)

So I talked to him last night, told him the trade was off since the Warrior's pass was changed and either of us knew, so I talk to him today.

Here's what he had to say.

pbfreak111112: hey
goffan433: hey
pbfreak111112: whats the deal then?
goffan433: blizzard was closed today will get it back tommorow
goffan433: but plz save me the hassle of calling it in and just give me the account back
pbfreak111112: ....
goffan433: i know you have it
pbfreak111112: How was blizzard closed? And I dont have it
goffan433: idk meeting account or somesort
pbfreak111112: Please prove I have the account.. otherwise, I should be pointing fingers at you
goffan433: yes i stole my own account
pbfreak111112: No, you could have made it look like it was me
pbfreak111112: As an Alibi
pbfreak111112: its happened
goffan433: i dont care ill get it back tommorow not worried
pbfreak111112: Then stop accusing me
pbfreak111112: I thought we worked this out
goffan433: just weird that i gave the info and it vanished
goffan433: ppl just wanna test the other person first
goffan433: see if they actually have the info and if they do they will trade
pbfreak111112: There was a que on the realm
pbfreak111112: So I asked for your info, you didnt mind
pbfreak111112: I gave you my info
goffan433: yes but you knew for a fact you could recall it while i told you it would take me a while to get the ingo
goffan433: info*
pbfreak111112: Actually I did not know that
pbfreak111112: Until after when I asked you to recall
goffan433: ah ok well i hope you didnt seem like a nice guy ill get it back tommorow
goffan433: and will trade
pbfreak111112: good
goffan433: haha man omfg i just checked out your rep you are a scammer
goffan433: when i get it back [censored] gonna get you banned from markee to
pbfreak111112: My rep?
pbfreak111112: I have a 1 feedback
goffan433: [censored] you man drop the [censored]
pbfreak111112: wtf.. what are you talking about
goffan433: giving you 1 hour give me my [censored] account
pbfreak111112: Do you have downsyndrome?
pbfreak111112: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/9364
pbfreak111112: Where is the negative rep you [censored] idiot
goffan433: [censored] you i just asked legit posts
goffan433: people*
goffan433: i am not that [censored] dumb
pbfreak111112: goffan433: haha man omfg i just checked out your rep you are a scammer
pbfreak111112: Yes you are
pbfreak111112: And I didnt scam anything
goffan433: [censored] sure w/e man...getting backed the account tommorow
pbfreak111112: Well good, because I dont have it
pbfreak111112: Prove I have it please
goffan433: LOL
pbfreak111112: And give me the SM's of the people who called me a scammer
pbfreak111112: And the chat logs
pbfreak111112: Ty
goffan433: wtf ever man good excuse yeah pw error
goffan433: and i lost the pw
pbfreak111112: ... So?
pbfreak111112: Whatever the case, Im posting this on markee to show how much of an idiot you are
goffan433: HAHA go for it [censored] scammer
pbfreak111112: Answer my question
pbfreak111112: And prove it
pbfreak111112: Please.
pbfreak111112: Oh wait
pbfreak111112: you cant
pbfreak111112: gg


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I have traded atleast 4 accounts now, all of which have been a success. The people who I have traded with know I am not a scammer. Anyhoo - I have the chat logs screened if anyone wants them. Just incase this idiot tries to make up more [censored].


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Why dont you guys just use that trust.com site created by markee to make it a painless success?


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Shamy1 (nekkid) was the shaman involved in the trade. good guy at that /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif He knows how stupid this idiot is.