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This is kind of sad really. scammed for $35!


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Got 200 gold a.k.a $34.97 stolen from me in a trade. I was trading 400 gold for a 52 Sham are Arthas to someone with the aim name AkaGold89. Dont know his markee name so he'll probably just make a new aim name. If you do know his markee name please post it. The deal was I would give him 200 gold he give me the info and ill give him 200 more. I know theres always a risk in sending gold first, but I figured eh wth $35 whos gunna steal $35 worth of gold. Well I found someone lol. I know that he has a 52 sham on arthas and a horde hunter but thats about all. Im posting our aim convo it streches over a couple hours so its kind of long. Ohwell you've been warned against this tard.

AkaGold89: hey

marleyfan4202001: Ho
marleyfan4202001: Hi*
marleyfan4202001: lol
AkaGold89: I got a 52 tauren shammy on pvp arthas and has transfer also on a different account a NICE orc hunter pvp but has used his transfer tho.
marleyfan4202001: What server is the hunter?
AkaGold89: eredan
marleyfan4202001: Different accounts?
AkaGold89: yea
marleyfan4202001: Im interested in the Sham
marleyfan4202001: What kind of gear, any gold, any skills?
AkaGold89: sorry was pvping
AkaGold89: blues
marleyfan4202001: np
AkaGold89: 50g
AkaGold89: 256 lw
AkaGold89: 300 skinning
marleyfan4202001: What ya looking to get for it?
AkaGold89: I don't have paypal so i don't know
marleyfan4202001: I don pay western union or anything like that unless I have the account first
marleyfan4202001: I pay through paypal first but you dont have it soo... lol kind of presents a problem
marleyfan4202001: Just the same how much would you be looking to sell it for?
AkaGold89: not sure
AkaGold89: how much 52's go fore
marleyfan4202001: No idea first time ive bought a wow account lol
AkaGold89: hunter goes for about 200-250
marleyfan4202001: I use to play my own
marleyfan4202001: Im only interested in the shaman
AkaGold89: how much were u looking to spend
marleyfan4202001: I dont like the whole offer back and forth thing let me know what you want for it and I will say yes or no lol
AkaGold89: 75?
marleyfan4202001: Hmm let me see what other offers I get and ill let you know ok?
marleyfan4202001: You have Sq/a yea?
AkaGold89: yea..
AkaGold89: secert answer/cd key/email
marleyfan4202001: kk cool give me a few mins
marleyfan4202001: Im not taking offers much longer I want to get on and play
AkaGold89: idk if paypal lets unverfied people send and get money
AkaGold89: I don't wanna give out my bank account
marleyfan4202001: They do let unverified people get mney
AkaGold89: can they send?
marleyfan4202001: I belive so yes
AkaGold89: My son said it wouldn't let him when he got money and tried to send it
AkaGold89: you can
AkaGold89: mt
AkaGold89: you can't buy gold can you?
marleyfan4202001: I can, but I dont give it first
marleyfan4202001: I would have to have the account first
marleyfan4202001: its too risky
AkaGold89: i wouldn't wanna give all the info
AkaGold89: like secert answer
marleyfan4202001: What info would you give?
AkaGold89: password/username i gues
AkaGold89: idk
marleyfan4202001: ill think about it, cuase im deff interested
AkaGold89: idk if my paypal would work
marleyfan4202001: How about I buy $50 in gold you give me the login and secret q and a but keep the Cd key till you get your gold?
marleyfan4202001: Or $55 in gold rather thats 400 gold
marleyfan4202001: For the Sham
marleyfan4202001: Or I can send that much to paypal
marleyfan4202001: Let me know when you get back
marleyfan4202001: and we can talk
AkaGold89: hold on
marleyfan4202001: Ok
marleyfan4202001: Im semi afk if I dont answer right away when you get back im checking every 5 mins or so
AkaGold89: k
AkaGold89: want a [censored] warrior
AkaGold89: for 200g?
marleyfan4202001: Do you not have the sham?
marleyfan4202001: And whats the war? like lvls server and what not
marleyfan4202001: You there?
AkaGold89: yea
AkaGold89: sorry
AkaGold89: shammy is for sale
AkaGold89: but friend said gold first
marleyfan4202001: kk Did you see my offer on it?
AkaGold89: for safty reasons
marleyfan4202001: Before any info?
marleyfan4202001: Well I could pay through paypal then you can buy gold with it
marleyfan4202001: Cuase I wont do gold first with no info
marleyfan4202001: For safety reasons
marleyfan4202001: I want to work something out with the sham
marleyfan4202001: thats the one I want
marleyfan4202001: Im sure we can figure something
marleyfan4202001: Maybe half the gold first then the rest?
marleyfan4202001: Or something like that
AkaGold89: half
AkaGold89: sure
marleyfan4202001: Half first then you give me info the the rest?
marleyfan4202001: then*
AkaGold89: yup
marleyfan4202001: kk ill do that
marleyfan4202001: Know any cheap sites?
marleyfan4202001: Well where am I getting it sent to?
marleyfan4202001: Server and char name?
AkaGold89: Arthas/Horde/Wooden
AkaGold89: how much gold is 65?
marleyfan4202001: 500
marleyfan4202001: But you cant buy 250
marleyfan4202001: but when I buy half at a time it makes it more
marleyfan4202001: It will be 70 for 400 gold
marleyfan4202001: When I buy half and half
AkaGold89: ok
AkaGold89: tell me when u buy
marleyfan4202001: Ok
AkaGold89: half is 400g?
marleyfan4202001: No im buying 400
marleyfan4202001: Half is 200
AkaGold89: ok
AkaGold89: ok
marleyfan4202001: Its about 70
AkaGold89: 200
AkaGold89: tell me when u bought
marleyfan4202001: kk
marleyfan4202001: Ok I bought it
AkaGold89: how long
marleyfan4202001: Says within 30 mins
marleyfan4202001: Let me know when you get it
marleyfan4202001: Just got an email saying its sent
marleyfan4202001: Get it?
AkaGold89: hold on
marleyfan4202001: kk
AkaGold89: checking
marleyfan4202001: kk
AkaGold89: i didn't get it
AkaGold89: what site
marleyfan4202001: Hmm thats funny cuase they sent it to me and I sent it to you
marleyfan4202001: Gold is instant items take time
marleyfan4202001: It was sent from Nashoney
AkaGold89: woden
AkaGold89: ?
marleyfan4202001: Wooden
marleyfan4202001: I see you on now
AkaGold89: it's woden
marleyfan4202001: lvl 5 druid
marleyfan4202001: Im on right now
marleyfan4202001: I see you lol
marleyfan4202001: lvl 5 druid
AkaGold89: i'm not on
marleyfan4202001: Your in mulgore
AkaGold89: lier
marleyfan4202001: lol
marleyfan4202001: Its ok I took pics of it all
marleyfan4202001: I figured this might happen
AkaGold89: ?
AkaGold89: pictures of what
marleyfan4202001: You said wooden
AkaGold89: u lieing?
marleyfan4202001: I sent 200 gold to wooden
marleyfan4202001: I see you on now lol
marleyfan4202001: I have an email saying it was sent to me
AkaGold89: if u tell anyone
marleyfan4202001: I took a pic of me with 200 gold
AkaGold89: i will tell u buy gold
marleyfan4202001: I took a pic of me sending you 200 gold
marleyfan4202001: Oh you better belive if you dont finish the deal
marleyfan4202001: This is going on markee
marleyfan4202001: lmao
marleyfan4202001: I took pics of me sending you 200 gold
marleyfan4202001: and me with no gold left
marleyfan4202001: To wooden
marleyfan4202001: lvl 5 druid
marleyfan4202001: in mulgore
marleyfan4202001: u lol
AkaGold89: do u think i care if ppl kno i hav a lvl 5 druid
marleyfan4202001: People will know you scammed that gold
marleyfan4202001: Ohwell $35 loss
marleyfan4202001: It looks like people really are that much of a low life on markee lmao
marleyfan4202001: $35
marleyfan4202001: Are you serious?
marleyfan4202001: You really have to steal $35?
marleyfan4202001: Wow
AkaGold89: send me 200g
AkaGold89: then
AkaGold89: if u don't care
AkaGold89: plz
marleyfan4202001: I dont think so $35 is nothing but im not catering to a thief
marleyfan4202001: Ohwell thats too bad I guess people are really as sad as everyone says lmao
marleyfan4202001: You gunna give me the druid and get your other 200 or no?
marleyfan4202001: Ill take that as a no?
AkaGold89: [censored] off newb
marleyfan4202001: lol
marleyfan4202001: Wow man $35 some catch
marleyfan4202001: Well enjoy it I guess

Some people.... lol


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Theres a bad thread on him here somewhere. Always do a search /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif