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THIS IS FUNNY!!!! AKA Scammers


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The [censored] had to say this...

LeBeR08: welp thats jus great the pass is different on my account and now the account u told me i cant get on
califish5050: lol right
LeBeR08: not kiddin
LeBeR08: it kicked me off that account
califish5050: i know you still have it
LeBeR08: no i dont
LeBeR08: you prolly still have mine
califish5050: haha , u wish
LeBeR08: well all i kno is im [censored] out of an account
LeBeR08: not sure about you but i dont have [censored] now
califish5050: join the club
LeBeR08: well i seriously dont know what happened cuz i am dead serious i didnt have the answer
LeBeR08: the question is place of birth
califish5050: im not worried because i will get warrior tommrow
LeBeR08: well arent u mr lucky
califish5050: or you guys already transfer it off to a new account , then blizzard will have to look into from today
califish5050: how am i Mr.lucky when you are the one scamming me
LeBeR08: cant transfer instantly genius i didnt scam anyone
califish5050: you just scammed me
LeBeR08: how the hell u figure i dont have my account now
LeBeR08: cant xfer a character that does exist =D
califish5050: you still do because you logged me out of it
LeBeR08: doesnt*
LeBeR08: no i didnt u [censored] idiot
LeBeR08: prove it
califish5050: ok , lets me start from #1 , #1 you changed the password when i was going to change it #2 then you logged off on me on aim #3 then you proble transfer to a new account switch has to have the same last name #4 now your back on aim trying to say you got screwed some how
LeBeR08: mustve mistyped the pass im abck on that warrior
califish5050: told you still had the warrior lol
LeBeR08: dont have the hunter
LeBeR08: what happened to him?
LeBeR08: u prolly still have him
califish5050: you changed password and have the hunter now
LeBeR08: no i didnt
califish5050: yes u did
LeBeR08: no i really didnt
califish5050: i sat their and watched you disconnect me from game
LeBeR08: well ull have ur warrior back 2maro, i dont have hunter tho
califish5050: lol you will have hunter still or you will try to scamm someone else with hunter and get the wrong person and he will scamm you and then i will really laugh my [censored] off
LeBeR08: no not really i cant get the hunter back and i dont ahve it anymore
LeBeR08: get ur warriro back 2maro and enjoi it
califish5050: u still do
LeBeR08: if u dont [censored] tho illdelete it
califish5050: lol, delete it then , i will just restore it lol [censored]
LeBeR08: why dont u jus get it back right now genius
califish5050: have you dont red anything that i said last aim , the email isnt in my email dumbshit
LeBeR08: thats gotta suck
califish5050: not really
LeBeR08: welp hope u enjoy the free 60 cuz i dont have my hunter
califish5050: im not worried , its just a warrior
califish5050: i dont have hunter , you do still
LeBeR08: no i really dont
califish5050: if i had hunter i would be proble playing on the level 46 warlock bye now ganking people
LeBeR08: well i dont have him
LeBeR08: someone does
califish5050: yeah your other scammer buddy is talking to me
LeBeR08: wats he saying
califish5050: nothing just being a [censored] like you lol
LeBeR08: so 2maro ull sell me account sq/sa for 500g?
califish5050: yup or i told your friend give me 300g now and you can keep it and i will tell you sq/sa
califish5050: i guess hes going to delete the chara instead
califish5050: [censored] doesnt know anything about restoring lol
LeBeR08: well 2maro msg me when u have it since u can get char back, and tell me and ill prolly buy it k?
califish5050: buy it for how much lol
LeBeR08: 500g like u said
califish5050: I might jack up the price if it delete's it because it will take a week
LeBeR08: ohhh well ok
califish5050: idk i just might make it 1,400g for scamming me then lieing to me and then dleeteing it
LeBeR08: well thats cool u can sell it to someone else ad we didnt scam/lie/or delete it
califish5050: oh yeah , wanna make a bet
califish5050: wowplayer917: ok
wowplayer917: deleted
califish5050: lol loser.

Then his other helping scammer came back on and had to say this...

wowplayer917: wats ur name
califish5050: wow , the other scammer is back
wowplayer917: kodie is the one who lost acccount
wowplayer917: not you
wowplayer917: your password recovering yours and getting it back
wowplayer917: so gg
califish5050: i cant
wowplayer917: why cant u
califish5050: not till tommrow
califish5050: email isnt in my email
wowplayer917: that doesnt make sense
wowplayer917: email isnt in my email
califish5050: mean the email thats on it now , isnt my email
califish5050: its the real owner email
califish5050: switch i will be talking to him
wowplayer917: cool
califish5050: yeah i know
wowplayer917: well goodluck
wowplayer917: hope u get ur password
califish5050: no worries i will
califish5050: have fun with warrior while it last
califish5050: I would say keep the warrior for 500g but i rather have it back tommrow
wowplayer917: u would just scam us if we gave u 500g
wowplayer917: u already scammed us one
wowplayer917: once
califish5050: haha
wowplayer917: kodie has no way to get his account back, u have a way to get yours back
wowplayer917: soo
califish5050: duh
wowplayer917: you got on there, changed his password and tried to act like it wasnt the same
califish5050: why would he want to get his account back when he already has it
wowplayer917: he doesnt, hes playing my shaman
califish5050: he was just on the warrior
wowplayer917: point?
wowplayer917: your getting your account back tomorrow
wowplayer917: and i hope u give his back too
califish5050: if you guys want to give me 500g for it then im waiting , if not then warrior will be back in my hands tommrow
califish5050: how can i give his bak when he already has it
califish5050: are you that dumb
wowplayer917: ill give u 300g for it
wowplayer917: but thats it
califish5050: ok
califish5050: fine with me
wowplayer917: ill just wait til you get it back tomororw
wowplayer917: then we'll trade
wowplayer917: so u cant say i scammed you
califish5050: lol , switch you still did
wowplayer917: switch what
califish5050: when i get it back tommrow i will be wanting 500g then
wowplayer917: kk
wowplayer917: ill farm 500g
califish5050: kk
wowplayer917: what time u getting ti back tomrorow/
wowplayer917: would u be sad if i deleted the warrior?
califish5050: idk , i might get it back tonight
califish5050: no lol , its a [censored] warrior
wowplayer917: im gooing to delete it then
wowplayer917: ok?
califish5050: ok
wowplayer917: ok
wowplayer917: deleted
califish5050: ok
califish5050: [censored], do you know anything about restoring lol , i guess not
wowplayer917: how long does it take
califish5050: about a week to 3 days
wowplayer917: too bad i deleted it like hour ago and got it restoed in like 5 min
wowplayer917: lol
califish5050: lol
califish5050: thats because i guess you didnt delete
wowplayer917: sure did
califish5050: thats why hes online now
wowplayer917: NO HES NOT
wowplayer917: THATS A LIE
wowplayer917: omg hackers got us
califish5050: haha you wish
califish5050: loser

but in the end they got owned!!! /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif