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This [censored] deleted my 60 rogue


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TurtleDude141: hey chris said you want his locks... and i want a mage
TurtleDude141: and he want my rogue
juggalokam: whats your rogue got ?
TurtleDude141: couple epics...
TurtleDude141: 1/8 NS the hood
TurtleDude141: 2 epic weapons
TurtleDude141: lobo / MH fist from zg / glacial / mass of mcgowen / 130+ gold
TurtleDude141: 4/6 pvp gear
TurtleDude141: was rank 4
TurtleDude141: rank9*
TurtleDude141: my bad
TurtleDude141: 2 epic mounts
TurtleDude141: whats your mage look like gear wise.
TurtleDude141: wow... type much?
juggalokam: well what epic ger u got ?
TurtleDude141: T1 helm
TurtleDude141: epic zg bracers
TurtleDude141: lbotomizer
TurtleDude141: mainhand fist weapon from ZG
TurtleDude141: Darkmoon:Heroism <-- if that counts
juggalokam: hmm
juggalokam: ok
juggalokam: race
TurtleDude141: troll
TurtleDude141: but i look [censored] cause of the hood
juggalokam: umm
TurtleDude141: i didnt even think you wanted the rogue..
juggalokam: are u only looking for only rogue ?

juggalokam: i mean mage ?

TurtleDude141: thought u were going to trade it to OOOOO for his locks...
TurtleDude141: mage/paladin
juggalokam: not intrested in shammy or rank 12 hunter >?
TurtleDude141: same account?
juggalokam: nope nut i could
juggalokam: swing a deal or somthing
TurtleDude141: eh
TurtleDude141: kinda looking for a mage
TurtleDude141: is yours totally outgeared vs mine?
juggalokam: is your guy x able ?
TurtleDude141: i can add like 20$ paypal
TurtleDude141: yes
TurtleDude141: pvp xable
juggalokam: ok i can make a good deal
TurtleDude141: shoot.
juggalokam: wait u didnt tell chris about this did u ?
TurtleDude141: he told me
TurtleDude141: to talk to you
juggalokam: ok dont say anything
juggalokam: about this jsut knwo
juggalokam: ok
TurtleDude141: {privete}: hey a friend of mine has a mage, he wants my locks but i want rogues, msg him
TurtleDude141: ok
TurtleDude141: i wont.
juggalokam: i could give u shammy acount then u let me transfur your rogue to my blank account
juggalokam: then i give u mage
juggalokam: cuz my mage is 5/8 NW
TurtleDude141: wow niced
juggalokam: thats y i am afired tot rade it
TurtleDude141: oi c
juggalokam: if u are up for let me know
TurtleDude141: hm..
TurtleDude141: what does the shaman have
juggalokam: 2/8 EF
juggalokam: earthshaker
juggalokam: sorucer dager
juggalokam: realy really nice
TurtleDude141: do i get to keep that aswell?
TurtleDude141: or is it insurance
juggalokam: jsut to make it safer for everone
juggalokam: BRB
juggalokam: poo
TurtleDude141: k
juggalokam: ok
juggalokam: so intrested in doing that
TurtleDude141: kindof
TurtleDude141: are you the OO of all 3 acc's
TurtleDude141: ?

juggalokam: the shammy was given to me mage is mme and my friends
TurtleDude141: i dont not trust.. but i want to trade mage for rogue str8
TurtleDude141: if you xfer the rogue
TurtleDude141: i CANNOT get it back
TurtleDude141: you can recall the shaman
juggalokam: i cant recall it
TurtleDude141: not saying you will
TurtleDude141: comon dude your breaking my balls i have no idea if your the OO or noit
TurtleDude141: i want the mage
TurtleDude141: i dont really enjoy shaman
juggalokam: i nnow
juggalokam: but i jsut cant give the info out to the mage like that until i know i got rogue
TurtleDude141: i know
TurtleDude141: how bout
TurtleDude141: i let you on the rogue
TurtleDude141: first.
TurtleDude141: to see about it or w/e
juggalokam: ok
TurtleDude141: will that clear the mind?
juggalokam: hmm yes
juggalokam: give info
TurtleDude141: sec/
juggalokam: kk
juggalokam: brb washing hands
TurtleDude141: k
juggalokam: ok back
TurtleDude141: gonna wait a few.
TurtleDude141: like 5 mins
juggalokam: kool
TurtleDude141: wow site isnt working
juggalokam: kk
TurtleDude141: is there anything else on the mage acc?

juggalokam: trying to chang passowrd ?

TurtleDude141: no
TurtleDude141: i just want pass recovery open ... my failsafe
juggalokam: twinks..
juggalokam: ahh
TurtleDude141: ok
TurtleDude141: still wont load
TurtleDude141: but w/e
TurtleDude141: {my acc} {pass}
TurtleDude141: good?
juggalokam: logging on now
TurtleDude141: good?
juggalokam: puting pwassword in now it hard alt tabing in
juggalokam: ok
juggalokam: i am logging on
TurtleDude141: can i not tr the mage?
juggalokam: not till we trade for good
TurtleDude141: k
TurtleDude141: sham info?
juggalokam: raz3dmodel <------ His ACC
juggalokam: kameron17 if you play /w him
TurtleDude141: uh tell him i reported <3
TurtleDude141: which is acc
juggalokam: ?

TurtleDude141: got it
TurtleDude141: nevermind
TurtleDude141: k
TurtleDude141: logged in
TurtleDude141: and?
juggalokam: dont like shammy S?
TurtleDude141: no not really
TurtleDude141: its [censored] when WF procs
TurtleDude141: but
juggalokam: ahah [censored] ya
TurtleDude141: ?
juggalokam: 5 more mins on
juggalokam: on rogue
TurtleDude141: k
TurtleDude141: daggers is alot more damage
TurtleDude141: but hemo is crazy famrin
juggalokam: what about hemo for pvp ?
TurtleDude141: its [censored]
TurtleDude141: 1v1
TurtleDude141: but
TurtleDude141: slow more for stunlocking
TurtleDude141: lots of G fopr respec
juggalokam: [censored] ahh
juggalokam: kk
juggalokam: np
juggalokam: diya man the shammy
TurtleDude141: what?
juggalokam: the shammy dose good DPS to bad u dont like him but all show u the mage in 2 mins
juggalokam: whast your best
juggalokam: back stab ??

TurtleDude141: like 1400 but
TurtleDude141: on cloth
TurtleDude141: with crappy gear
juggalokam: hmm
juggalokam: and SS ?
TurtleDude141: like 700
juggalokam: not bad
juggalokam: so
TurtleDude141: if your using SS your doing it wong
TurtleDude141: lol
juggalokam: hemo make the SS and BS hit hardwer ?
TurtleDude141: no..
TurtleDude141: you use hemo only
TurtleDude141: with hemo spec
juggalokam: ahh
juggalokam: and evs
TurtleDude141: 2300
TurtleDude141: happens like once a year.
juggalokam: ahh thats your normal EVS crit ?
juggalokam: 1600 ?
TurtleDude141: 1600-1900 on cloth/leather
juggalokam: and u us the mass y not the cfirst wepond
juggalokam: ?
TurtleDude141: mace is slower = more damage than fist with hemo
juggalokam: hmm
TurtleDude141: and?
TurtleDude141: verdict?
juggalokam: ya i think all do it
juggalokam: what info will come wtih it ?
juggalokam: u got CD key ?
TurtleDude141: yea
TurtleDude141: id like a few days
juggalokam: few days for ?
TurtleDude141: but. i have the sq/a CDkey
TurtleDude141: to test it
TurtleDude141: you can do the same
TurtleDude141: obviously
TurtleDude141: few hours even
TurtleDude141: i havent even seen your mage yet
juggalokam: true
TurtleDude141: is that fair?
TurtleDude141: i mean its not asking too much
TurtleDude141: i dont want to give you sq/a then find out we dont like the chars.
TurtleDude141: thats kinda gay
juggalokam: ya ture
TurtleDude141: the sham is fine..
juggalokam: are u onrganl owner
TurtleDude141: was trying to get into CoT
TurtleDude141: yes i am
TurtleDude141: 69 days played
TurtleDude141: akk me.
TurtleDude141: all* me.
TurtleDude141: can i log on the mage?
juggalokam: give me 5 mins looking for SQA
juggalokam: /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
TurtleDude141: jk
TurtleDude141: k*
TurtleDude141: mage is pvp right... ?

juggalokam: [censored] ya
juggalokam: man
TurtleDude141: goo
TurtleDude141: d
juggalokam: hit for like 3k forst bolts
TurtleDude141: k
juggalokam: 350 FB
juggalokam: 3500
TurtleDude141: find sqa?

TurtleDude141: you wont need it but. keep looking i dont want you insecure at all
juggalokam: YA i will find looking thorw my not book think 2 more mins
TurtleDude141: k
TurtleDude141: still on my acc? or was it you who booted off the sham
juggalokam: ya i am on shammy
TurtleDude141: k
juggalokam: my friend porble log on him haha
TurtleDude141: o ok
juggalokam: he thought smeon stoled the shammy
TurtleDude141: w/e
TurtleDude141: haha
TurtleDude141: gg.
juggalokam: he farms all th time on him
TurtleDude141: he only had 3g
TurtleDude141: lol
juggalokam: LMAO

juggalokam: he sand it to his twink
TurtleDude141: o ic
juggalokam: ha has a crazy twink
TurtleDude141: nice
TurtleDude141: any luck?
juggalokam: all call my dad in 3 mins he is off at 8
juggalokam: and he knows it
juggalokam: he made the account
juggalokam: what time zone u live in?
TurtleDude141: ca
TurtleDude141: pst
juggalokam: ya i am just looking att all your oow lvls now
TurtleDude141: Ugh can i atleast log on and see him? you cna change the pass to something gay if you want
TurtleDude141: just boot me after like 1 minute
juggalokam: 5/8 NW
juggalokam: man..
juggalokam: all ZG gear
TurtleDude141: i know.
juggalokam: 2500 k gold
TurtleDude141: i want to see it
TurtleDude141: i showed you
TurtleDude141: and let you on
TurtleDude141: w/o any insurance
juggalokam: yes i know
TurtleDude141: AT ALL
juggalokam: u cant wait 3 mor misn man
TurtleDude141: ugh
juggalokam: i swear all et u on
juggalokam: i am jsut so afried my dad would be mad if it got robbd he raided alot on him 2
TurtleDude141: o ic
juggalokam: how old are u ?
TurtleDude141: 16.
juggalokam: where do u live
juggalokam: :p
TurtleDude141: CA
TurtleDude141: you?
juggalokam: whats CA ?.
TurtleDude141: california
juggalokam: ahh
TurtleDude141: canada?
juggalokam: ehehe yup
TurtleDude141: yea your typing sucked earlier figuers
TurtleDude141: lol <3 canada
juggalokam: trust me that jsut me i am so bad at spelling
juggalokam: and tping
TurtleDude141: k
TurtleDude141: hey
TurtleDude141: show me the mage then
TurtleDude141: while i wait
TurtleDude141: just log on
TurtleDude141: tell me server/char name
TurtleDude141: i just wanna see it
juggalokam: 1 sec
juggalokam: let me log on
TurtleDude141: what server faction name
juggalokam: detheroc
juggalokam: allaince
TurtleDude141: YES1
TurtleDude141: alliance
TurtleDude141: good
TurtleDude141: im happy
juggalokam: oo
juggalokam: declain
TurtleDude141: ok
juggalokam: about to do vail s we speak
TurtleDude141: its you on the mage right?
TurtleDude141: yes
TurtleDude141: ?
juggalokam: yes
juggalokam: very hard to alt tab so much bro

TurtleDude141: thanks for deleting my 60 rogue ya [censored]. real smart GM ticket is in already and there was no point to it
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TurtleDude141: wow
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TurtleDude141: wow
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My fault.. i guess but. it seemed so good. Yes that is his account.. someone mentoned him being AIM name Pimpinb69 aswell so watch out,,, he even got someone ingame to link me their gear... 5/8 nw and same crap he said.. w/e stupid queer reported to gm's so o well win some loose some