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Has an epic rogue willing too trade but actually does not. He plays your guy and waits then changes passwords......Still trying to contact blizzard because I did put alot of time into that character and now its gone.


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YmerejWarrior (3:44:51 PM): So if you didnt take it your gonna help me get it back??
YmerejWarrior (3:45:12 PM): well can u at least try then
c0unterl0gic (3:45:37 PM): what do you want me to do
YmerejWarrior (3:45:45 PM): Give some suggestions
YmerejWarrior (3:46:54 PM): Because if you dont have a made up story that makes sense then Im gonna have too tell them the story and put both accounts at risk of closure
c0unterl0gic (3:47:35 PM): Im telling you
c0unterl0gic (3:47:38 PM): last night
c0unterl0gic (3:47:52 PM): my internet crashes after you have been logged off aim
c0unterl0gic (3:48:13 PM): i try to get back o
c0unterl0gic (3:48:14 PM): n
YmerejWarrior (3:48:15 PM): Well then how the [censored] did the password change
c0unterl0gic (3:48:17 PM): and pw doesnt work
YmerejWarrior (3:48:23 PM): magic?
[censored] know
YmerejWarrior (3:49:16 PM): Okay well Im gonna have to call blizzard monday and tell them what happened...
YmerejWarrior (3:50:08 PM): Any player found to be involved in compromising the security of another account may have any and all related accounts closed. This may include accounts found to have knowingly received items/money transferred from a compromised account. We will conduct a review of both the compromised account and the account(s) that received the items/money and action the account(s) based only on the information gathered through our investigation.
YmerejWarrior (3:50:17 PM): thats wat blizzard says
c0unterl0gic (3:52:24 PM): why don't you just recall your account.
c0unterl0gic (3:52:32 PM): because i do not have the information to yunky
YmerejWarrior (3:52:34 PM): With my invalid email...
c0unterl0gic (3:52:50 PM): how is it invalid?
YmerejWarrior (3:52:54 PM): It doesnt work
c0unterl0gic (3:52:59 PM): call blizzard and change your email using SQ/A
YmerejWarrior (3:53:19 PM): I called them but They are not open so I have too wait until Mondayt
c0unterl0gic (3:53:38 PM): do that on monday then
[censored] man
YmerejWarrior (3:55:03 PM): one sec
[censored] sorry dude....yunky was a traded account
YmerejWarrior (3:56:26 PM): And the guy recalled it and im talking too him now
YmerejWarrior (3:56:36 PM): IM SORRY!!!!
c0unterl0gic (3:57:25 PM): ok.
YmerejWarrior (3:57:38 PM): Im talking too him now
YmerejWarrior (3:57:44 PM): Mybad man
c0unterl0gic (3:58:00 PM): i told you i didn't tale it
YmerejWarrior (3:58:14 PM): Its just soo hard too trust people over the internet

There is the log. I didn't take his warrior.


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dude thesucka is like a legit dude...dude!