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hotmamagoesrawr: hey
Cim Thugga xxx: sup man
hotmamagoesrawr: I got a human pally and / or a tauren shammy
Cim Thugga xxx: what gear is on em
hotmamagoesrawr: can transfer to one account..I can let u try both if i could go on rogue too, we could also chat on vent
hotmamagoesrawr: full Judgment and 7/8 Ten storms
Cim Thugga xxx: im not using vent right now
Cim Thugga xxx: dont have it on this comp
Cim Thugga xxx: but im the OO
hotmamagoesrawr: SQ/A?
Cim Thugga xxx: yea.
hotmamagoesrawr: good, same here + CD keys
hotmamagoesrawr: I can letu on them if i can take a peak at the rogue.
Cim Thugga xxx: do you have markee
Cim Thugga xxx: ?
hotmamagoesrawr: nope but im getting one soon as i decide to make a gmail or yahoo account
hotmamagoesrawr: So would u wana do whati considered?
Cim Thugga xxx: im thinking cause earlier some guy tried transferring my toons to his account
Cim Thugga xxx: why did you get so quiet?
Cim Thugga xxx: well im about to trade with this druid cause your offer seems a little unreal
hotmamagoesrawr: what?
hotmamagoesrawr: unreal?
hotmamagoesrawr: and i just went afk..sorry if i didnt tell u
hotmamagoesrawr: U gotta give my pally or shammy a try
hotmamagoesrawr: u dar?
Cim Thugga xxx: yea im here
Cim Thugga xxx: the offer seems a little unreal
Cim Thugga xxx: a full t2 pally
hotmamagoesrawr: ya...Herold of Woe.
hotmamagoesrawr: If u try him your gonna wana trade 100%
hotmamagoesrawr: everyone loves him
Cim Thugga xxx: well lets meet ingam
Cim Thugga xxx: what server is your pally on
hotmamagoesrawr: cant atm. but its on Darkspear atm PvP xferble...MY friend is on the shammy on the account and he will keep D/C'in me..if we exchange info atleast u can check him from the main view then u can change pw and u can check in game which isnt a huge deal
Cim Thugga xxx: ha why would i trade when i cant even see the character
hotmamagoesrawr: You can
hotmamagoesrawr: I just told you
Cim Thugga xxx: yea i would be able to after i gave you my info right
Cim Thugga xxx: lol
hotmamagoesrawr: sametime..
Cim Thugga xxx: lol i dont trust that
hotmamagoesrawr: I dont wana get scmmed just as u dont wana
Cim Thugga xxx: lol so log onto the character and we meet in game
hotmamagoesrawr: I got SQ/A and u got SQ/A nothing can happen in 2 seconds lol
Cim Thugga xxx: still dont trust that you could transfer my character to a different account
Cim Thugga xxx: lol
Cim Thugga xxx: dont trust it if i cant see it in game
hotmamagoesrawr: how would i do that..
hotmamagoesrawr: All the info has to be under the same name.
Cim Thugga xxx: log onto the character
Cim Thugga xxx: and meet me in game
Cim Thugga xxx: lol
hotmamagoesrawr: I just told u I cant.
Cim Thugga xxx: k
Cim Thugga xxx: well im not gonna waste my time man and im not letting someone log onto my account that i dont know
Cim Thugga xxx: peace
hotmamagoesrawr: U DONT GOT SQ/A
hotmamagoesrawr: SCAMMER
hotmamagoesrawr: GG
Cim Thugga xxx: haha
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lol same idiot talked to me said had a full t2, 3/5 t2.5 warrior then couldnt show in game i said no thx not going to exchange info then called me a scammer and said reporting me rofl


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Rofl.. same thing here -

lityou10: no way you are logging on my mage, sorry
hotmamagoesrawr: lol
hotmamagoesrawr: Im legit
hotmamagoesrawr: I'll let u log on my guy..
hotmamagoesrawr: U can change pw right when i get on
hotmamagoesrawr: and u got SQ/A so ur fine
lityou10: no thanks
hotmamagoesrawr: and same here so idk..I couldnt do anything.
hotmamagoesrawr: U dont got SQ/A?
lityou10: of course I do
hotmamagoesrawr: lol scammer
hotmamagoesrawr: yea sure
hotmamagoesrawr: scammer