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the most obvious scammer AIM=Avera F4n (no i didn't fall for it)


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Avera F4n (8:13:52 PM): hey

magicdock (8:14:17 PM): sword rogur sword rogue *crosses fingers*

Avera F4n (8:14:13 PM): yup lol

magicdock (8:14:32 PM): woooooooooooooooooooo

Avera F4n (8:14:37 PM): wanna know my gear or?

magicdock (8:14:59 PM): of course

Avera F4n (8:14:57 PM): 6/8 tier 2

magicdock (8:15:19 PM): sweet

Avera F4n (8:15:14 PM): 2/5 tier 2.5

magicdock (8:15:28 PM): pvp server xfer up and race?

magicdock (8:15:34 PM): wow

magicdock (8:15:38 PM): and u want my wrrior? lol

Avera F4n (8:15:36 PM): yes and am a undead

magicdock (8:15:57 PM): pvp server xfer up?

Avera F4n (8:15:45 PM): *will of the forsaken ftw *

Avera F4n (8:15:48 PM): yes

Avera F4n (8:15:52 PM): and yes i do want ur warrior

magicdock (8:16:05 PM): WOWOWO

magicdock (8:16:10 PM): swords?

Avera F4n (8:16:01 PM): am in live with warriors

Avera F4n (8:16:07 PM): Chromatically Tempered Sword & Brutality Blade

magicdock (8:16:28 PM): i8tgawiogawhioahwoiya OMGM

Avera F4n (8:16:20 PM): haha

magicdock (8:16:36 PM): how much rep u got on markee?

Avera F4n (8:16:25 PM): dude chill :p

magicdock (8:16:54 PM): if this is not a scam, i will be so happy

Avera F4n (8:16:50 PM): oh yeah that must b a problem bcuz i got none i tried once to make an account but i never recived the mail to confirm my pw so :/

Avera F4n (8:17:03 PM): this is not anyways man am not a 10 years old kid i have better things to do

magicdock (8:17:22 PM): okmagicdock (8:17:24 PM): can i talk to u on vent

Avera F4n (8:17:12 PM): i rly wanna do sumthing serious and am bored of being a rogue

magicdock (8:17:37 PM): and i need your phone number

Avera F4n (8:17:44 PM): yeah

magicdock (8:18:05 PM): u got vent?

Avera F4n (8:17:58 PM): nop

Avera F4n (8:18:02 PM): do u got Xfire?

magicdock (8:18:16 PM): yeah

magicdock (8:18:20 PM): its magicdock

magicdock (8:18:23 PM): can i see ingame?

Avera F4n (8:18:16 PM): ok

Avera F4n (8:18:26 PM): well am on my laptop atm but am coming back home on sunday

Avera F4n (8:18:38 PM): so if u wanna w8 by then ill b glad to show u ingame

magicdock (8:19:00 PM): ok..

magicdock (8:19:16 PM): if u let me use the username and pass for 1 minute i can check to see his gear

magicdock (8:19:22 PM): cause it sounds a little fishy

magicdock (8:19:35 PM): if not i'll wait lolAvera F4n (8:19:32 PM): yup i know what ya mean but sry man am not going to just give u my pw n stuff like that..id rather w8 and show u ingameAvera F4n (8:19:39 PM): unless u wanna do a real tradeAvera F4n (8:19:41 PM): just pm memagicdock (8:19:59 PM): yeah sounds fishy tho..Avera F4n (8:19:52 PM): yup i understandmagicdock (8:20:09 PM): no markee...on laptop..Avera F4n (8:20:08 PM): hehe yeah i know man its alright i know what ya meanAvera F4n (8:20:18 PM): lets w8 until sundaymagicdock (8:20:31 PM): is it a scam just tell me now
Avera F4n (8:20:24 PM): no it is notAvera F4n (8:20:32 PM): i swear..i mean am 24 years old am not like thatmagicdock (8:20:51 PM): ok whats ur phoneAvera F4n (8:20:40 PM): ive been scammed so many time and it sucksmagicdock (8:21:05 PM): i won't scam you tho i got alot of repmagicdock (8:21:12 PM): well only 2 but alot of ppl didn't give me neAvera F4n (8:21:05 PM): yeahAvera F4n (8:21:11 PM): well..u cant call atmAvera F4n (8:21:14 PM): i can give it but dont callmagicdock (8:21:28 PM): and you got secret answer right?Avera F4n (8:21:18 PM): yes i domagicdock (8:21:40 PM): then why are u afraid that i will do something?Avera F4n (8:21:47 PM): u can delete my stuff..Avera F4n (8:21:53 PM): what about u..y r u afraid?magicdock (8:22:06 PM): why would i do thatAvera F4n (8:22:01 PM): just to piss sum1 offmagicdock (8:22:19 PM): lolmagicdock (8:22:31 PM): ok fine i'll tradeAvera F4n (8:22:35 PM): aight but i just wanna let u knowmagicdock (8:22:54 PM): u ready to trade right now?Avera F4n (8:22:51 PM): if ur going to like..idk change my pw or delete my stuff and then recall ur accountAvera F4n (8:22:51 PM): yeahAvera F4n (8:22:55 PM): plz just dont do itmagicdock (8:23:13 PM): i won't..Avera F4n (8:23:03 PM): i mean..it will b a wast of time for both of usmagicdock (8:23:17 PM): you better not toAvera F4n (8:23:11 PM): yeah am just saying man no offenceAvera F4n (8:23:15 PM): i wont dont worrymagicdock (8:23:42 PM): okmagicdock (8:23:53 PM): username is s*****Avera F4n (8:23:52 PM): ok mine is KodyTheGreatmagicdock (8:24:56 PM): ready to say pass?Avera F4n (8:24:51 PM): secmagicdock (8:25:13 PM): when we trade pass, don't change the passwords until we both see the account ok?Avera F4n (8:25:07 PM): yupAvera F4n (8:25:48 PM): aightmagicdock (8:26:03 PM): ok say it at the same timeAvera F4n (8:25:55 PM): okmagicdock (8:26:09 PM): dont say a fake onemagicdock (8:26:12 PM): 3Avera F4n (8:25:59 PM): i wontmagicdock (8:26:13 PM): 2magicdock (8:26:15 PM): 1magicdock (8:26:30 PM): ..Avera F4n (8:26:21 PM): ..what?Avera F4n (8:26:32 PM): mine was typed in lol i was just w8ing for umagicdock (8:26:49 PM): u gonna say it?Avera F4n (8:26:39 PM): yes i willmagicdock (8:27:02 PM): i usually say the password firstmagicdock (8:27:06 PM): but this is so fishyAvera F4n (8:27:04 PM): dude dont worry ill say my pwmagicdock (8:27:24 PM): then say itAvera F4n (8:27:15 PM): u have nothing to worry aboutmagicdock (8:27:28 PM): i'll say mine right afterAvera F4n (8:27:23 PM): u better bcuz if u dont ill change mine k?Avera F4n (8:27:26 PM): ull have 1 secAvera F4n (8:27:37 PM): and ill count ill say 1 and if u didnt ill just change mineAvera F4n (8:27:38 PM): aight?magicdock (8:28:06 PM): im notl..magicdock (8:28:10 PM): kAvera F4n (8:28:04 PM): on 3 say itAvera F4n (8:28:05 PM): 3magicdock (8:28:19 PM): 3magicdock (8:28:20 PM): 2Avera F4n (8:28:07 PM): 2magicdock (8:28:21 PM): 1Avera F4n (8:28:08 PM): 1Avera F4n (8:28:11 PM): max12345magicdock (8:28:24 PM): *****Avera F4n (8:28:12 PM): urs?magicdock (8:28:34 PM): yeah fakemagicdock (8:28:36 PM): your scammingAvera F4n (8:28:23 PM): mine is changedmagicdock (8:28:41 PM): no your scammingmagicdock (8:28:42 PM): just stopAvera F4n (8:28:31 PM): ur wasnt workingAvera F4n (8:28:32 PM): dude [censored]?!magicdock (8:28:49 PM): I KNOW YOUR SCAMMING JUST LEAVEAvera F4n (8:28:38 PM): omg ur was wrongmagicdock (8:28:55 PM): jesus christ im not a dumbassAvera F4n (8:28:46 PM): dude omg [censored] off u didnt gave the right infoAvera F4n (8:29:08 PM): my account name was KodythegreatAvera F4n (8:29:13 PM): u sure u typed the right thing?magicdock (8:29:46 PM): thats ebcause i know your a [censored] scammer you can't change it that fastAvera F4n (8:29:38 PM): ...Avera F4n (8:29:46 PM): ur pw was wrong Avera F4n (8:29:48 PM): so i changed itAvera F4n (8:29:55 PM): y didnt u give the right info?magicdock (8:30:10 PM): thats...because...i...no..ur...ascammermagicdock (8:30:13 PM): watchAvera F4n (8:30:03 PM): oh my god..Avera F4n (8:30:06 PM): dude [censored] off kidmagicdock (8:30:20 PM): my pass will be changed right when i give u the rightr oneAvera F4n (8:30:11 PM): i thought we had a dealmagicdock (8:30:28 PM): ok finemagicdock (8:30:31 PM): give me ur numberAvera F4n (8:30:21 PM): dude..Avera F4n (8:30:33 PM): no am not going to trade with u anymore i mean..u didnt even gave ur right pwAvera F4n (8:30:36 PM): mine was rightmagicdock (8:30:51 PM): give me your numberAvera F4n (8:30:41 PM): and then i typed urs and it didnt workmagicdock (8:30:56 PM): whats wrong with that?Avera F4n (8:30:43 PM): y?Avera F4n (8:30:49 PM): y u want it?magicdock (8:31:06 PM): lol?
Avera F4n (8:30:57 PM): ..?magicdock (8:31:11 PM): that just made u look more like a scammermagicdock (8:31:13 PM): k byeAvera F4n (8:31:03 PM): peaceAvera F4n (8:31:06 PM): ur the scammer hereAvera F4n (8:31:09 PM): u didnt give the right infoAvera F4n (8:31:15 PM): and i did give the right 1Avera F4n (8:31:17 PM): anyways manmagicdock (8:31:35 PM): OKmagicdock (8:31:38 PM): i swearmagicdock (8:31:43 PM): if u try to scam meAvera F4n (8:31:39 PM): dude i didntmagicdock (8:31:53 PM): give me the REAL password this timeAvera F4n (8:31:45 PM): it was manAvera F4n (8:31:47 PM): and u know itAvera F4n (8:31:51 PM): u didnt give the real 1magicdock (8:32:07 PM): okmagicdock (8:32:09 PM): 3magicdock (8:32:10 PM): 2Avera F4n (8:31:58 PM): w8..Avera F4n (8:32:14 PM): what ur account name?magicdock (8:32:30 PM): ****magicdock (8:33:43 PM): u readyAvera F4n (8:33:34 PM): ok mine is kodythegreatAvera F4n (8:33:38 PM): yes u better give the right 1magicdock (8:33:51 PM): if i dont get my password in 1 secondmagicdock (8:33:53 PM): or ursAvera F4n (8:33:47 PM): ill send itAvera F4n (8:33:54 PM): right after u didAvera F4n (8:33:59 PM): k?magicdock (8:34:18 PM): kAvera F4n (8:34:11 PM): 3magicdock (8:34:25 PM): 2Avera F4n (8:34:13 PM): 2magicdock (8:34:27 PM): 1Avera F4n (8:34:15 PM): 1magicdock (8:34:29 PM): *****Avera F4n (8:34:18 PM): max67890Avera F4n (8:34:34 PM): lol nicemagicdock (8:34:54 PM): what?Avera F4n (8:34:44 PM): i knew u was a scammer Avera F4n (8:34:47 PM): acocunt banned..Avera F4n (8:34:50 PM): account*magicdock (8:35:07 PM): [censored] are u talking aboutmagicdock (8:35:13 PM): ..Avera F4n (8:35:00 PM): Access to this World of Warcraft account has been disabled by Blizzard Entertainment. For more information, including the amount of time it will be in place, please check the email address registered on the account. All information and any updates on the account will have been sent there by the Account Administration team. Please be sure to check "junk" or "spam" folders as well, since notification emails may have been routed there as well. magicdock (8:35:17 PM): WTFAvera F4n (8:35:06 PM): Possible reasons for this account status may include:

Temporarily locked because of an ownership dispute.
Temporarily suspended for breaking Terms of Use or game policy.
Permanently banned for more serious violations
Avera F4n (8:35:12 PM): For more information, you can also call Billing & Account Services at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (800-592-5499). Please keep in mind that if an account has been permanently banned, the Billing & Account Services team will be unable to make any changes to the account status. To escalate or protest an account ban or suspension, you must email the Account Administration team directly at [email protected]

Avera F4n (8:35:14 PM): yeah..sureAvera F4n (8:35:15 PM): nice trymagicdock (8:35:30 PM): roflmagicdock (8:35:34 PM): i didn't even knowAvera F4n (8:35:23 PM): y u did that?magicdock (8:35:41 PM): ARE U KIDDING MEAvera F4n (8:35:32 PM): yeah u did and am going to post this on mdmagicdock (8:35:48 PM): YOUR THE SCAMMER STOP WASTING MY TIMEAvera F4n (8:35:42 PM): LOLAvera F4n (8:35:48 PM): ur the 1 giving a banned account kidmagicdock (8:36:01 PM): max67890magicdock (8:36:05 PM): yeah u did and am going to post this on mdmagicdock (8:36:11 PM): WHEN U DONT HAVE A [censored] ACCOUNT DOUCHEAvera F4n (8:36:00 PM): how did i scammed u?magicdock (8:36:13 PM): [censored] OFFAvera F4n (8:36:03 PM): WHAT?Avera F4n (8:36:03 PM): lolmagicdock (8:36:21 PM): haha ur retarded kidAvera F4n (8:36:14 PM): no u 1 dudeAvera F4n (8:36:18 PM): u give a [censored] banned accountAvera F4n (8:36:30 PM): y?magicdock (8:36:49 PM): BECAUWE I DIDN'T KNOWmagicdock (8:36:54 PM): AND WHY U GIVE ME A FAKE USERNAME DUMBASSAvera F4n (8:37:17 PM): [censored]?Avera F4n (8:37:33 PM): ok try to do the thing on wow.com * i forgot my account name *Avera F4n (8:37:34 PM): and then Avera F4n (8:37:39 PM): ull c my acocunt is realmagicdock (8:38:06 PM): will u go the [censored] away u scamming peice of [censored] F4n (8:38:21 PM): dude ur so retarded u gave me a banned account ur the [censored] piece of [censored] [censored] punk [censored] [censored] lr2scam [censored] kidAvera F4n signed off at 8:38:36 PM.Avera F4n signed on at 8:38:47 PM.Avera F4n (8:38:37 PM): noobAvera F4n signed off at 8:38:52 PM.