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Thatched-roof cottage mini house deed & statues in box & more


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taking offers on everything listed here:

thatched-roof cottage mini house deed

3 boxes with stocked statues
1st box have 1 statue (255 stones)
2nd box have 2 statues (510 stones)
3rd box have 3 statues (765 stones)

A deed for a vendor named Calvin (90 stones)

A deed for a vendor named Weylin (no weight)

A contrat of employment (90 stones)

Old white bank check (value 1 gold)

Deed to a guildstone

A guild deed

Training (facing east) deed
Traing (facing south) deed
Water through (south) deed
Water through (west) deed
Water through (east) deed
Stone oven (facing south) deed
Stone oven (facing east) deed
Spinning wheel (facing south) deed
Spinning wheel (facing east) deed
Loom (facing east) deed
Loom (facing south) deed
small bed (south) deed
Anvil (facing south) deed
Big forge (facing south) deed

icq me your offers 233-348-083