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Thanks so much scammers...


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Due to all the heartless cold blooded scammers out there I am now unable to play WoW. My original account is locked for I dont know how long.. Blizzard wont even email me back after I have sent them ID, notary etc. Thanks alot Marcusantony for accusing me for being a scammer and Glorifying Aylis now he scams even better with a positive feedback... Aylis took his original account from me and I was forced to take mine back, but he notified blizzard and gets my account locked down... He laughs at us now thanks again Marcus.. Thanks cyrious for re-calling the account after numerous times I had asked you did you want the account back and you constantly replied no... I had the account up for sell and it was about to get sold but guess who re-called it? You betcha.... Cyrious. thanks alot scammers I hope now that you are all happy with your lives...

In my experiences with scammer I havnt even posted most of the people who have scammed me... I've lost many accts... But I would like to ask anyone this? if you have a blank wow account or blank cd key that you would sell for cheap or like to give much appreciated..


AIM: Sublife1983
Emai: [email protected]