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[email protected]

Aim = Tanner2vs

He seems to have scammed me of my EVE online account.

Logged off nearly 6 hours ago from AIM.

Never traded anything back. I even offered to pay a months subscription to EVE for him.

I am still waiting. lol

He kept pointing to his alleged good rating and positive feedback.... pfft

However... sadly for this kid i have all his info. AND since he has an EVE online account.... MY account. He has been reported.
On top of that...ANYONE that has played EVE will know. Its a ruthless PvP hardcore lose everything when you die type of game if your not careful.

The Mega Corp Alliance i was in, and the Presidents of the Alliance Corps within it, are all RL freinds of mine.

His account and the characters on it will be wiped out...bombed and hunted till oblivion. No holds bar'd.

Or in his terimanology... pwnd

Maybe he will see this and get a hold of me.

He had better cause in matter of hours the account he stole and scammed from me will be worthless.

Utterly worthless to play under any name and any way.

Better get a hold of me bro.



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Tanner2Vs: ya
Tanner2Vs: what is it?
ococ0987654321: you get ,y e-mail reply?
Tanner2Vs: ill check
Tanner2Vs: [censored] my computer sucks
ococ0987654321: take your time bro
Tanner2Vs: kk
Tanner2Vs: maybe
ococ0987654321: i am willing to wrok with ya
ococ0987654321: there is another way
Tanner2Vs: maybe
Tanner2Vs: but im getting to the point where i might just keep the one i currently have
Tanner2Vs: id rather trade for yorus
ococ0987654321: it defiantly shows trust ....yet at the same time is devestating
ococ0987654321: is your account in GW a PvP lvl 20 guy?
Tanner2Vs: no
ococ0987654321: well heres the scoop - we can trade info
Tanner2Vs: my bro was talking about how he spent time leveling him up
Tanner2Vs: thats what i want to do
Tanner2Vs: i just wanna trade and get it over with
ococ0987654321: but if i get scammed the account you get from me wil get boubties put on it
ococ0987654321: bounties
Tanner2Vs: kk
Tanner2Vs: dont worry
Tanner2Vs: i wont scam you
ococ0987654321: its a big deal - and would devestate you in EVE
Tanner2Vs: i know
ococ0987654321: i am in a MEGA Corp
Tanner2Vs: my friend awhile ago whent up to accountant in a really good guild
ococ0987654321: VERY good freinds with these guys for 5 years - they will uterly destry you non stop
ococ0987654321: OR
Tanner2Vs: he took alot of money from them
ococ0987654321: they will invite you in if al goes well
ococ0987654321: you will get tens upon tens of million of isk - free ships
ococ0987654321: all that
ococ0987654321: but if i get scammed your guy wil be utterly wiped out
Tanner2Vs: i know man
ococ0987654321: ok
Tanner2Vs: its not worth it to pull anything like that on eve
ococ0987654321: lol
ococ0987654321: no...its not
Tanner2Vs: thats probably why tehres not alot of people traden :)
ococ0987654321: these guys are in a killer Mega Corp and own fleets of ships and resources....they each have billions of ISK in investments alone - lol
ococ0987654321: exactly
Tanner2Vs: [censored]
ococ0987654321: like i said scam me and the account and char on it will be worthless to you and utterly wiped out - OR all goes well and you get ten millipns of ISK...ships...access to thier Cargo and ships and AND can get ammo and modules
Tanner2Vs: i know
Tanner2Vs: im not gonna do any of that
ococ0987654321: cool
Tanner2Vs: wouldnt it be hilarious
Tanner2Vs: if some retard
Tanner2Vs: scammed an eve account
Tanner2Vs: like a really [censored] one
ococ0987654321: it would
Tanner2Vs: then just got constantly owned
ococ0987654321: EVE is a different game all together - THE best MMO out there imo
ococ0987654321: BUt - it is hardcore
Tanner2Vs: true dat
Tanner2Vs: people have actual meetings in RL about that
ococ0987654321: so i will give you the info
Tanner2Vs: kk
ococ0987654321: then i want ALL the info from you
Tanner2Vs: have you read the night freeze story
Tanner2Vs: i got all the info
ococ0987654321: i need the login, password, i need the question and answer and the birthdate
ococ0987654321: i think there is also a waiting period to change passwords...wich means the request goes to your e-mail beofer i can change it to MY e-mail
Tanner2Vs: i dont think so
ococ0987654321: thought i read that - guess we will find out soon
Tanner2Vs: kk
ococ0987654321: if all goes well i might een have the Mega Corp President send you a large ISK present
Tanner2Vs: sweet
ococ0987654321: We are all old guys - so we got [censored] loads of money
ococ0987654321: lol
Tanner2Vs: lol
ococ0987654321: ok - get yur info ready - i will get mine -
ococ0987654321: let me take a [censored] real quick too
Tanner2Vs: kk
Tanner2Vs: lol
Tanner2Vs: ill brb in 3 then
ococ0987654321: np
Tanner2Vs: back
ococ0987654321: bk
Tanner2Vs: k im ready
ococ0987654321: let me get the info and a pen
Tanner2Vs: kk
ococ0987654321: question - your GW account is the Standard Guild wars or is it Factions?
Tanner2Vs: im not to sure
Tanner2Vs: i do knwo that there is a factions box right by my computer
Tanner2Vs: so im about 99% sure
Tanner2Vs: well not a box
Tanner2Vs: but a key written down and stuff
ococ0987654321: i will need the Key info too
Tanner2Vs: kk
ococ0987654321: i will have to input it
ococ0987654321: cool
Tanner2Vs: k
Tanner2Vs: if you give me the eve stuff
Tanner2Vs: ill give you mine
Tanner2Vs: and answer anything you wont
Tanner2Vs: give you any info about it you want
Tanner2Vs: and do anything you want so you dont have to worry
ococ0987654321: ok
ococ0987654321: lol - my buddy is on MSN hoping you scam me so they can destroy you - LOL
ococ0987654321: [censored]
Tanner2Vs: lol
ococ0987654321: but he will hook you up too - out of repect to me if all goes well
Tanner2Vs: kk
ococ0987654321: ready?
Tanner2Vs: ya
Tanner2Vs: but could i check it
Tanner2Vs: like less than 30 second check
Tanner2Vs: cuz you could just make a trial one
ococ0987654321: check what?
Tanner2Vs: the account
ococ0987654321: its not a trila account - lol
Tanner2Vs: i know
Tanner2Vs: but it could be
Tanner2Vs: basicly
Tanner2Vs: i just wanna check it
Tanner2Vs: one i get on and see an actual ship
Tanner2Vs: besides ibis or something
Tanner2Vs: ill log off
Tanner2Vs: and give you the pass to the guild wars account
ococ0987654321: man now i am really having to step out ona limb - lol
Tanner2Vs: dont worry
Tanner2Vs: ive never scammed anyone in my life
Tanner2Vs: if i scam you ill just get owned
ococ0987654321: while you do all that though give me all the info on the GW account so i can make sure iuts not one of the 4k banned for botting
ococ0987654321: fair is fair
Tanner2Vs: hmm
Tanner2Vs: i just dont like you only having one rep
Tanner2Vs: 30 seconds is all itl take
ococ0987654321: lol
Tanner2Vs: but serious man
Tanner2Vs: if i scammed your eve account
ococ0987654321: i think i have been very very accomadating
Tanner2Vs: it be like paintballing in the pros with a 3 dollar gun
Tanner2Vs: id be able to play
Tanner2Vs: but id just get owned
ococ0987654321: so we doing this then?
Tanner2Vs: hopefully
ococ0987654321: lets do it then - i got yard work to do - lol
Tanner2Vs: lol
Tanner2Vs: im goin to a family reunion in half an hour
Tanner2Vs: i havnt showered or anything yet
ococ0987654321: ((gave info here))
Tanner2Vs: kk
Tanner2Vs: one sec

Tanner2Vs: kk
Tanner2Vs: one sec
Tanner2Vs: kk
Tanner2Vs: changed the stuff
Tanner2Vs: now im gonna check it
Tanner2Vs: ?
Tanner2Vs: dude
ococ0987654321: sup?
Tanner2Vs: user XXXX has been disabled
Tanner2Vs: last login
ococ0987654321: i know
Tanner2Vs: 2006 4.27
Tanner2Vs: ?
ococ0987654321: yep
ococ0987654321: i stopped playing - lol
Tanner2Vs: lol
Tanner2Vs: o
ococ0987654321: went back to WoW
ococ0987654321: :)
Tanner2Vs: [censored]
ococ0987654321: see - lol - its not a trial account :)
Tanner2Vs: lol
ococ0987654321: ots cool - np
Tanner2Vs: i gotta find a way to reactivate it
ococ0987654321: you gotta pay bro - lol
Tanner2Vs: kk
Tanner2Vs: [censored]
Tanner2Vs: i thougth there was time on the account
ococ0987654321: dont you [censored] scam me
Tanner2Vs: i might just use my dads cc
Tanner2Vs: i wont
ococ0987654321: getting a wee bit paranoid here
Tanner2Vs: lol
Tanner2Vs: but if i use it
Tanner2Vs: and he sees it
ococ0987654321: no excuses lets go
Tanner2Vs: hel see its a game adn ask me right away
Tanner2Vs: dude
Tanner2Vs: i didnt get full detail
Tanner2Vs: the trade might not go through
ococ0987654321: bull [censored]
ococ0987654321: then what is the new pass word?
Tanner2Vs: im tryin to think of a way to get like 15 bucks on my paypal
ococ0987654321: that would owrk
ococ0987654321: hmmm
ococ0987654321: i'll float you 15 bux if your GW account is legit
ococ0987654321: but enough is enough - lol
Tanner2Vs: i know
Tanner2Vs: one sec though
Tanner2Vs: i think i might know a way to get the money
ococ0987654321: ???
Tanner2Vs: idk
Tanner2Vs: i thoguth through surveys
Tanner2Vs: but thats not until next month
ococ0987654321: well then give me the new password and revert the e-mail back
Tanner2Vs: one sec man
Tanner2Vs: give me 5 minutes
ococ0987654321: OR give me the GW info and I will float you the $15
ococ0987654321: its my neck out there not yours
Tanner2Vs: give me 5 minute
Tanner2Vs: s
Tanner2Vs is away at 10:35:09 AM.
ococ0987654321: ?

Auto response from Tanner2Vs: gone

ococ0987654321: ??
ococ0987654321: scammed me
ococ0987654321: shoulda known
ococ0987654321: so be it
ococ0987654321: i need to hear from you or the account is reported to CCP and the mega corp as well as Markee Dragon

Auto response from Tanner2Vs: gone


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What a pathetic scammer.


Rekilen-temp banned

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wow you totally edited it


dont trust this kid

[/ QUOTE ]

It's a screenshot, he didn't edit it /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Just leave now scammer before more people see this.. Probably save you some embarassement..


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I love how right where we trade in his convo theres a huge space. You can tell he whent through and edited it.

And now after a few hours of delicate planning the scammers making threats.



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After a few tests, the first picture of the convo checks out to be legit as far as my tests go, but the second, is obviously a fake, see below:

The one I think is real:

** Reason that I think it is real, is because I zoomed in really far, used the tool which the line is 100% straight, and the lines all match up.**

The one I KNOW is fake:

** The line is 100% straight(Used a tool in photoshop for that) and the names do not line up as they should. If you save the pic and zoom in you'll see for yourself.

Your efforts to try and look like the bigger-man failed miserably, next time try a little better, ok?


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First pic is directly taken from convo. the second one is from 2 seperate messages he sent me that i put together( reason that there not lined up). Both completly legit.