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Terra is a scammer


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Here is the thread he posted: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...=true#Post77514

i gave him 100$ through paypal for his rouge. he said he would send me the SQ/A in 1 day after he got the money in his account, this seemed reasonable to me at the time, so i didnt think anything of it.

Here is our aim conversation.

Oscpainting (1:06:05 PM): hey, i would like to offer you 100$ for your rogue, if you havent sold it already
TerraFls (1:06:18 PM): i havn't sold it
Oscpainting (1:06:49 PM): does 100$ sound ok too you
TerraFls (1:06:56 PM): yes, thats what i'm looking for
Oscpainting (1:07:07 PM): ok, great. you are taking paypal?
TerraFls (1:07:12 PM): yes
Oscpainting (1:07:18 PM): what is your paypal
TerraFls (1:07:24 PM): [email protected]
Oscpainting (1:07:33 PM): ok one sec
Oscpainting (1:09:42 PM): ok, the money is sent
TerraFls (1:09:50 PM): alright, one sec, let me check
Oscpainting (1:09:54 PM): ok
TerraFls (1:18:34 PM): hey
TerraFls (1:18:35 PM): ok its there
TerraFls (1:18:37 PM): sorry
Oscpainting (1:18:40 PM): its no problem
TerraFls (1:18:41 PM): took so long, heh
Oscpainting (1:18:46 PM): its ok
TerraFls (1:19:07 PM): just let me change the pass really quick
Oscpainting (1:19:11 PM): yeah sure
TerraFls (1:20:02 PM): alright
TerraFls (1:20:07 PM): novikayne
TerraFls (1:20:08 PM): cookie122
TerraFls (1:20:13 PM): username/password
Oscpainting (1:20:36 PM): ok. you have the sq/a also
TerraFls (1:20:41 PM): whats your e-mail?
Oscpainting (1:20:45 PM): [email protected]
Oscpainting (1:20:49 PM): yahoo.com
TerraFls (1:21:25 PM): k, i'll send you the SQ/SA once i have put the money into my bank account, because the money can be recalled in my account and i'v had bad experiances with it
TerraFls (1:21:34 PM): should only take like a day
Oscpainting (1:21:39 PM): ok, i understand
Oscpainting (1:22:13 PM): could you leave me a feedback on markee
Oscpainting (1:22:22 PM): my account is ewokforhire
TerraFls (1:22:26 PM): if you do the same :)
Oscpainting (1:22:32 PM): yup, will do right now
TerraFls (1:23:01 PM): do me a favor
TerraFls (1:23:02 PM): post in my post
TerraFls (1:23:06 PM): so i can just add it to your adding there
Oscpainting (1:23:15 PM): i went leave a feedback for you, and it said this " You do not meet the criteria necessary to add a rating. Please read the rules regarding use of this feature. '
TerraFls (1:23:17 PM): not sure how to look up user names
Oscpainting (1:23:22 PM): ok i will post there
Oscpainting (1:24:39 PM): ok i posted..im going to see why i cant leave feedback
TerraFls (1:24:50 PM): done and done
TerraFls (1:24:50 PM): :)
TerraFls (1:24:55 PM): you have to be a member for 30 days +
Oscpainting (1:24:59 PM): oh
Oscpainting (1:25:07 PM): i just made the accoutn yesterday ^^
TerraFls (1:25:14 PM): hehe
Oscpainting (1:25:34 PM): ok, thanks for the rogue
TerraFls (1:25:59 PM): and thanks for the $100
TerraFls (1:26:00 PM): :-D
Oscpainting (1:26:02 PM): hehe np
TerraFls signed off at 1:26:38 PM.

So i got the info and everything was fine, but after 2 days i found the password had been changed, and he never sent the SQ/A. After i couldnt log into the account anymore, i sent him a email asking for a refund, and put in a complaint with paypal. Keep in mind the only time i ever talked to him was the initial aim conversation. He finally responded to the paypal dispute email.

Here is his email too me:

"From: "bob white" <[email protected]> Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Second Request for Information About Buyer Complaint: Case #PP-141-483-277
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 01:52:29 -0600

Nice little scam you got going on huh, no wonder you were so quick to

To bad i've been scammed to many times to be out smarted by some moron.
closed the paypal account 5 minutes after you sent the money. I can
that you got the account through e-mails, so you're full of crap.

Nice scam though."

he never sent me the SQ/A and changed the account password. He says he can prove it with emails, but the above email is the only one i ever recieved from him, i got the account info through aim, so im not sure what he means.

So Terra, if you are being truthful and did not scam me send me the SQ/A and i will take down the paypal complaint, and this thread. The password has been changed and i cant play it anymore.