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Tbuzz101 = Scammer!


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ikickyoheadin (2:37:39 PM): ?
Tbuzz101 (2:38:18 PM): sorry my bad
ikickyoheadin (2:38:35 PM): u said username was delbrock .. password?
Tbuzz101 (2:38:44 PM): wait wats ur pass again
ikickyoheadin (2:38:57 PM): u jus tryed to scam me
Tbuzz101 (2:39:06 PM): no i didnt my internet went down
ikickyoheadin (2:39:09 PM): and forgot password.. so u came back.
Tbuzz101 (2:39:18 PM): oh w/e no i didnt
Tbuzz101 (2:39:28 PM): i guess no trade then
ikickyoheadin (2:39:43 PM): no.. and i got whole convo .. gonan file a report on markee.
Tbuzz101 (2:40:03 PM): ok goahead
Tbuzz101 (2:40:13 PM): i didnt try to scam
Tbuzz101 (2:40:22 PM): there is no time on account ne ways
Tbuzz101 (2:40:31 PM): trying to trade me account with no time?
ikickyoheadin (2:40:40 PM): must have closed.
ikickyoheadin (2:40:44 PM): was on it like 10 mins ago
Tbuzz101 (2:41:21 PM): w/e no trade then i wanted an account with time
ikickyoheadin (2:41:50 PM): no.. its closed so u got nothing to scam..
Tbuzz101 (2:42:19 PM): ok u said it had time
ikickyoheadin (2:42:52 PM): yea it did.. must have closed.. like i have said before...was on it 10 mins ago.. password re-changed..
Tbuzz101 (2:43:33 PM): why u try and trademe a frozen account?
ikickyoheadin (2:45:00 PM): stop trying to turn the blame.. waited for my info. .got it, then logged... then came running back because u forgot the password.. no way am i giving you it again... lol .scammer.
ikickyoheadin (2:45:08 PM): why u try scam?
Tbuzz101 (2:45:25 PM): okdo u realy want to know why?
Tbuzz101 (2:46:08 PM): cause my real wow account got scammed and of course i forgot the sq/a and now i need an account cause im accountless that is why
Tbuzz101 (2:46:24 PM): sorry for bothering u
ikickyoheadin (2:46:35 PM): so. .that doesn't justify your scamming.
Tbuzz101 (2:46:54 PM): i know and im sorry for trying to do it
ikickyoheadin (2:47:12 PM): so, its the sympathy act now is it?
Tbuzz101 (2:47:19 PM): we/ man