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Tbuzz101 = scammer, AVOID


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traded my druid for his warrior, failed to tell me that he hadnt told the account owner that he was trading it, so the account pw kept geting reset, asked him about it and got this -

"Yo the new pass is ******** and sq/a is ****** please change the info quick so the person i know cant recall i trust you will give me the sq/a when you get it the person said dont change the pass to me because he dosent know im trading it so just call bliz change the info then change the pass"

didnt think anythin else of it, i try to change the password and the account has been banned because his mate kept reseting the pw or somethin similar, i ask him again about it and all i got was him tellin me i got it banned, he wouldnt give me back my account because apparently he gave it to his mate cus his was banned. abuseive and not pleasant to talk to, AVOID AT ALL COST.

Ace Logan

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still refusing to return my account, avoid please, and harras where possible /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

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Please do not encourage other forum members to harrass people, even if they are scammers. Doing so in against markeedragon.com's rules.