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Taurenbattlerx - XxWowtrader (AIM)


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This guy didnt scam me but I am 99% he is haha. Here is our AIM Convo.

XxWowtrader: hey
societysenemies: hey
XxWowtrader: still trading your rogue?
societysenemies: yes
XxWowtrader: Cool
XxWowtrader: You interested in a GM pally?
societysenemies: yes
XxWowtrader: Cool
societysenemies: whats your name on markee?
XxWowtrader: Taurenbattlerx
XxWowtrader: I have no rep because im new.
societysenemies: mmkay
societysenemies: then you would go first
societysenemies: alright?
XxWowtrader: No,i cant do that. I just like 110$ in a trade,and i lost my hunter. Id feel MUCH safer with you going first.
XxWowtrader: First off i dont know you have a rogue.
societysenemies: ..
societysenemies: How do you not know i have a rogue?
XxWowtrader: Show me ingame
societysenemies: alright
societysenemies: and you show me yours mmkay?
XxWowtrader: He has no time left but i can show you a pic i took last week.
societysenemies: mmkay
societysenemies: go scam someone else
societysenemies: bye
XxWowtrader: ??
XxWowtrader: Are you serious
XxWowtrader: Im scamming you because i have no time left?
societysenemies: hmm
societysenemies: why would you trade your GM pally?
XxWowtrader: Because im sick of him
XxWowtrader: And i really want a rogue.
societysenemies: no thanks
XxWowtrader: Lol your loss.
societysenemies: lol
societysenemies: alright
societysenemies: go on kil'jaeden
societysenemies: make a troll or orc
societysenemies: mmkay?
XxWowtrader: Ok
XxWowtrader: One question,do you have SQ/A
societysenemies: no
XxWowtrader: K
XxWowtrader: Why not?
societysenemies: my friends accoun
societysenemies: he passed away :-(
XxWowtrader: wow,that sucks.
XxWowtrader: sorry to hear that
societysenemies: yeah
XxWowtrader: Whats your name so i can add you
societysenemies: Cryst
XxWowtrader: ok i invited you to group
societysenemies: can you bump my thread please?
societysenemies: just say "talking to you on AIM"
XxWowtrader: Why?
XxWowtrader: I will just wondering why
societysenemies: so it gets bumped up
societysenemies: so people see it
XxWowtrader: Oh ok.
societysenemies: yahh
XxWowtrader: bumped
societysenemies: hey
societysenemies: so ill trade you
societysenemies: but you must go first
societysenemies: i have more rep
societysenemies: 2 psitive reps
XxWowtrader: No, i cannt do that. I lost 110$ and a paladin today. Im not doing this again, you have good rep so i know you can trust me go to 2ns.
societysenemies: what
societysenemies: LOL
societysenemies: i have good rep so i can trust you
societysenemies: yeah right
XxWowtrader: Yea, you've traded enough.
societysenemies: lol
societysenemies: no
societysenemies: thats not how it goes
societysenemies: sorry
XxWowtrader: Im new and i just lost another paladin
XxWowtrader: and 110$
societysenemies: oh well
XxWowtrader: are you serious?
societysenemies: yes im serious..
XxWowtrader: What reason do you hve for not going first
societysenemies: because you only have 4 posts
societysenemies: and no rep
XxWowtrader: Because im new.
XxWowtrader: I just started the other day.
XxWowtrader: My friend refered me
XxWowtrader: Ill give you good rep for going first too.
societysenemies: oh wel
XxWowtrader: tell me, what do you have against going first here?
societysenemies: I have more rep than you, that means you go first
XxWowtrader: No,thats not how it works.
societysenemies: LOL
societysenemies: yes it is
XxWowtrader: How so?
XxWowtrader: Thats totally unfair.
societysenemies: your a funny guy
XxWowtrader: For the new guy,who just lost over 300$ worth of stuff,he has to go again?
societysenemies: yeop
societysenemies: im done with you man,
societysenemies: bye
XxWowtrader: Please man,just go first
XxWowtrader: Ok,peace