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Taking Offers on These High End Items (See Post For List)


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Accepting Offers on the following items:

Turquoise Ring w/ 36% Damage Increase & 2% LMC
100% Poison, Spell Channeling Composite Bow w/ 4% Energy Resist & 44 Luck
100% Poison Tetsubo w/ UBW Skill
100% Poison War Fork
Pendant of Magi
Birds of Britannia Random Summoner Talisman (Bird Slayer)
Ancient Samurai Helm (dyed blue)
Leather Dye Tubs
Black Dye Tubs
Death's Essence Gloves
Coal Chainmail Tunic
Totem of the Void
Lord Rourke's Sash
Ice White Cloth
Blaze Cloth
Ranger Armor

... also tons of white, black & fire plants.

Thank you for reading!