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Add on Skype [email protected]

Please do not share your game credentials or characters in public :: only on Skype with me privately for trade of items

Credit Stock
SWGemu Infinity :: 130m ($6 per m)
Bloodfin :: 1.2bn ($3.5 per m)


SWGemu Infinity (1) ($250) :: New Jedi Account
Two characters, one 5 FS Tree's, Jedi Padawan and xxx2 LS. Second character is TKM and Smuggler

SWGemu Infinity (2) ($450) :: Light Jedi Knight Account (Rank 5)
6 Characters with crafters, dancer+doc buffing team :: Ask for more details on Skype

Bloodfin (multiple) :: Please advise what you seek and we likely have an account for you.

We can also power level accounts to your needs if you let us know what you seen on any private server.

Item Prices
We have many items on SWGemu Infinity + BF please tell us what you seek and we can help

We are dedicated to Bloodfin + SWGemu Infinity no other seller can beat us
Fast delivery

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