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Sweethearts Inn and Vendor Shop Vol.2


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Multiple Accounts
<center><u>Sweethearts Inn and Vendor Shop Vol.2</u>


Our Service for you:
<u>1. Floor</u>
<ul type="square">
[*]Shop Rune, Recall, Gate, Mark and Ress Scrolls
[*]Reg., Oak, Ash and Yew Boards
[*]Heartwood, Bloodwood, Frostwood Boards and Iron Ingots
[*]Dull Copper, Shadow, Copper and Bronze Ingots
[*]Gold, Agapite, Verite and Valorite Ingots
[*]Smith and Tailor Rewards (Powder of Fortifying, Sandals...)
[*]Craftable Arties, Peerless Loot
[*]All Kinds of Minor Arties
[*]Except. Musican Instruments (GM Made)
[*]Runenbooks, Mage and Necrobooks, Spellweaving Scrolls
[*]Pinky's ML Stuff
[*]Barding Deeds, Solen Quest Items
[*]Medi Luck Armor
[*]Non Medi Armor
[*]Elven Luck Armor
[*]Elven Lower Reagent Armor
[*]Medi Lower Reagent Armor
[*]No Medi Lower Reagent Armor
[*]Elven Armor (Resist)
[*]"Human" Armor (Resist)
[*]High End Stuff
[*]ML - Stuff
[*]Donation Reward Vendor
<u>2. Floor</u>
<ul type="square">
[*]Jewelery (All Kinds of it in sperate Vendors, sort by skill)
<ul type="square">
[*]Repair Deeds

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