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(Supposed) Scammer Gets Caught -Warning-


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Watch out for this guy: ImPyPainter

ImPyPaInTeR: hey
BaseballF00l: Hey
ImPyPaInTeR: I have a 60 ud warlock
ImPyPaInTeR: 6/8 tier 1 1/8 tier 2 , fang of venoxis
ImPyPaInTeR: other epics
BaseballF00l: ZOH?
ImPyPaInTeR: zand. hero charm
ImPyPaInTeR: im intrested in your hunter
BaseballF00l: Wouldnt that be ZHC? :p
ImPyPaInTeR: lol
ImPyPaInTeR: either way
ImPyPaInTeR: is the huinter still available
BaseballF00l: yes
BaseballF00l: can i see your lock ingame?
ImPyPaInTeR: o cool
ImPyPaInTeR: yes
ImPyPaInTeR: wildhammer
ImPyPaInTeR: horde
ImPyPaInTeR: name is [BLOCKED]
BaseballF00l: What should I make
BaseballF00l: UD/Orc?
ImPyPaInTeR: mmm im in IF
ImPyPaInTeR: so orc
BaseballF00l: IF? o_O
ImPyPaInTeR: lol sry on my pally right now
ImPyPaInTeR: Org
ImPyPaInTeR: tell me when u get in
BaseballF00l: Im in
ImPyPaInTeR: kk tell me when u get to org
ImPyPaInTeR: ill get on
BaseballF00l: Meet me half way >.<
BaseballF00l: You have a mount
ImPyPaInTeR: lol kk
ImPyPaInTeR: whats on the hunter
BaseballF00l: Make a char on Malganis
BaseballF00l: (PVP)
ImPyPaInTeR: horde?
BaseballF00l: si senor
BaseballF00l: orc/troll
ImPyPaInTeR: im in
ImPyPaInTeR: I also have an alliance warrior on a diff account
ImPyPaInTeR: name?

BaseballF00l: [BLOCKED]
BaseballF00l: Hola
ImPyPaInTeR: hello
ImPyPaInTeR: ok
ImPyPaInTeR: well my login is [BLOCKED]
ImPyPaInTeR: and pw is [BLOCKED]
ImPyPaInTeR: what is your information
BaseballF00l: So random o_O
ImPyPaInTeR: try to be
ImPyPaInTeR: so is the pw
BaseballF00l: [BLOCKED]
BaseballF00l: [BLOCKED]
ImPyPaInTeR: didnt work
BaseballF00l: 1 sec
BaseballF00l: it should hold on
BaseballF00l: let me try
BaseballF00l: it works
ImPyPaInTeR: ...
Previous message was not received by ImPyPaInTeR because of error: User ImPyPaInTeR is not available.

His sad attempt at scamming, giving a bad password, and then still failing to change my password in time. Whether those were his intentions or not, it was damn sketchy. He comes back on and tries to appologize. This guy may not be 100% scammer, im just saying be careful when you do business. Some items were blocked out to provide security to both members.

Anyway -- Still Selling/Trading Shaman/Priest and Hunter/56Warrior (sep account from sham/priest) interested in mage/lock. Be legit -.- Dont be like this dude.

AIM: BaseballF00L


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Unless its my imagination, this is the wrong forum. Hrm.