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super scammed


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pbfreak111112: yo, you got a mage for trade? does it got SQA?
pbfreak111112: hello?
Jesusfreak20394: yea
Jesusfreak20394: who told ya about my mage?
pbfreak111112: you got recall?
Jesusfreak20394: what do ya have>?
Jesusfreak20394: got recall???????
pbfreak111112: you got sqa??
Jesusfreak20394: yes
Jesusfreak20394: how lonmg ya friend had this warriors?
Jesusfreak20394: warrior*
Jesusfreak20394: and pally
pbfreak111112: since the start
Jesusfreak20394: he told me that he was givin to him
pbfreak111112: giving it to you?
Jesusfreak20394: no a friend gave it to him
pbfreak111112: oh
pbfreak111112: ok
pbfreak111112: I got a plan
pbfreak111112: pbfreak111112: Ok, Im MMing for you guys
pbfreak111112: What's your password/account name? and Ill get you his
Jesusfreak20394: ...
Jesusfreak20394: what is ya markee name?
pbfreak111112: omg, you're a scammer, I just checked your markee name
Jesusfreak20394: what?
pbfreak111112: I read you scammed...
Jesusfreak20394: i am not a scammer i never said my markee name
Jesusfreak20394: i don;t scam
Jesusfreak20394: some guy i bought at account from
Jesusfreak20394: recalled it
Jesusfreak20394: and i got my money bck
Jesusfreak20394: and he said i scammed him
Jesusfreak20394: it was [censored] retarded
Jesusfreak20394: i will give info first
pbfreak111112: ok hurry, I must go quickly
Jesusfreak20394: he already givin ya his info?
Jesusfreak20394: cinderdog//frog0120
Jesusfreak20394: mages info
Jesusfreak20394: soo?
Jesusfreak20394: how does his info look?
pbfreak111112: Ok, I must logout, ask him for it, he will give it to you
pbfreak111112: I didnt give him info yet
pbfreak111112: you two work it out
pbfreak111112: Sorry ;/
Jesusfreak20394: what?
pbfreak111112: I have not given him info
pbfreak111112: Something came up
pbfreak111112: And I have to go
pbfreak111112: So talk to him
pbfreak111112: And work it out
pbfreak111112: ok?
Jesusfreak20394: u changed the pass?
Jesusfreak20394: what is it?
pbfreak111112: No?
pbfreak111112: Ididnt touch anything
pbfreak111112: Wow wtf? I checked and it doesnt work, and you said I changed pass?
pbfreak111112: gg?
pbfreak111112: work this [censored] out with him
Jesusfreak20394: i don't have SQ/SA!!
Jesusfreak20394: noooo
pbfreak111112: Dude...
Jesusfreak20394: give me the new pass!!
pbfreak111112: 1) You said you did
pbfreak111112: 2) I didnt touch the pass
pbfreak111112: 3) You're trying to make me look like a scammer
pbfreak111112: 4) You're a noob scammer, reroll at life
Jesusfreak20394: u
Jesusfreak20394: 1)lie

pbfreak111112: uhm
pbfreak111112: no
pbfreak111112: u
pbfreak111112: 1)scam
pbfreak111112 signed off at 11:37:10 PM.

i did get my account back by recalling it i was worried he would do what i thought he was gonna do if he knew i could recall so i lied but he did D/E all my epics delete all my gear and give away all my gold [censored] this game and ppl like him kthxbye