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Sup fellas. Another scammer owned.


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A little recap: After I gave him my info to let him power level for me, he said he couldn't do it because he had to go to work, so he signed off, but really blocked me. I decided to log onto the account and try to level up myself, but he had changed my information. When I confronted him about it, he said that he thought I had told him I could change the information...fkn scammers...
Logged onto a second screen name to play with him...

WowTrd (1:11:03 AM): Sorry yes what's up
gamerthug99 (1:11:15 AM): nm i heard you scammed drjreyy lol
gamerthug99 (1:11:31 AM): respect
WowTrd (1:11:36 AM): What?
gamerthug99 (1:11:44 AM): eh you scammed drjreyy
WowTrd (1:11:53 AM): What?
WowTrd (1:11:57 AM): I did not?!
gamerthug99 (1:11:59 AM): haha yes you did
gamerthug99 (1:12:03 AM): its no big deal
WowTrd (1:12:12 AM): But how?
gamerthug99 (1:12:20 AM): but how? because you changed his password and you blocked him on aim. that's now >.>
gamerthug99 (1:12:27 AM): lol dude! don't act like your innocent!
gamerthug99 (1:12:32 AM): just makin urself look bad haha
WowTrd (1:13:18 AM): Where does it say i scammed?gamerthug99 (1:13:27 AM): i talked to him a few hours ago
gamerthug99 (1:13:33 AM): and he is considering posting it on markeedragon
gamerthug99 (1:15:19 AM): he says he is considering it unless you admit that you did do it so he can stop worrying
WowTrd (1:15:50 AM): I thought he said i could chaneg it because im power lvling him!?
gamerthug99 (1:15:56 AM): dude
gamerthug99 (1:15:57 AM): stop lying
gamerthug99 (1:16:02 AM): then why would you block him on aim...
WowTrd (1:17:38 AM): Hes offline.
gamerthug99 (1:17:51 AM): i added you to friends and was speaking to him
gamerthug99 (1:17:59 AM): i saw that you were online, and you were off his list...
gamerthug99 (1:18:03 AM): you obviously blocked him.
WowTrd (1:18:13 AM): Are you his friend? right?
gamerthug99 (1:18:21 AM): somewhat. an internet friend.
WowTrd signed off at 1:19:47 AM.

He decided to unblock my main to look like his blocking me was accidental...lol.

DrJreyy (12:27:02 PM): lol you unblocked me...
WowTrd (12:27:54 PM): Dude you said i could change password to powerlvl
WowTrd (12:28:01 PM): Now i cant even get on.
WowTrd (12:28:06 PM): How am i suppose to.
DrJreyy (12:28:03 PM): that is the most bull [censored] answer I have heard in my entire life
DrJreyy (12:28:06 PM): I neversaid that.
DrJreyy (12:28:17 PM): and why would you block me on aim. you're a scammer. that's all
WowTrd (12:29:26 PM): No i dont have your account YOU do.
WowTrd (12:29:34 PM): I didnt scam nothing.
DrJreyy (12:30:10 PM): shut up
DrJreyy (12:30:12 PM): okay
DrJreyy (12:30:15 PM): Answer this question
DrJreyy (12:30:16 PM): okay?
WowTrd (12:30:35 PM): ...
DrJreyy (12:30:40 PM): Why did you block me on aim...i logged onto a different screen name and you were on. You OBVIOUSLY blocked me, no doubt in my mind. You area scammer.
WowTrd (12:31:06 PM): Because i logged off.
DrJreyy (12:31:05 PM): um
DrJreyy (12:31:07 PM): no you didn't
WowTrd (12:31:14 PM): Uh yeas
DrJreyy (12:31:14 PM): because i went onto a different screen name
DrJreyy (12:31:18 PM): and you were on
DrJreyy (12:31:25 PM): I was on this screen name and asked a friend to see if you were on
DrJreyy (12:31:27 PM): and you were
DrJreyy (12:31:33 PM): dude shut up and stop lying
DrJreyy (12:31:36 PM): you're making yourself worse
DrJreyy (12:31:54 PM): Unless you admit that you scammed me so that i can stop worrying, I will post these conversations on markee, your IP will be found, and you'll never be able to trade again.
WowTrd (12:32:13 PM): ok i did.
WowTrd (12:32:24 PM): But i dont have your account.
DrJreyy (12:32:24 PM): okay. and tell me the truth, did you try to scam me? so i can freaking stop worrying
WowTrd (12:32:34 PM): No!
DrJreyy (12:32:43 PM): Okay, why'd you block me.
WowTrd (12:32:57 PM): Ok add DrJrey
WowTrd (12:33:08 PM): He another person trying to scam me
DrJreyy (12:33:12 PM): what?
WowTrd (12:33:21 PM): Yeah so i blocked him
WowTrd (12:33:33 PM): Andi coudltn remember which was who so i just blocked both.
DrJreyy (12:33:40 PM): I am DrJrey and DrJreyy.
DrJreyy (12:33:47 PM): WOOOW
DrJreyy (12:33:50 PM): you just got OWNED
WowTrd (12:33:55 PM): Then who was on ur account
DrJreyy (12:33:52 PM): you are SUCH A LIR
DrJreyy (12:33:54 PM): LIAR
DrJreyy (12:34:00 PM): OMG hahahahahahahahhaa
DrJreyy (12:34:07 PM): DUDE
DrJreyy (12:34:09 PM): LISTEN TO ME
WowTrd (12:34:17 PM): Go on..
DrJreyy (12:34:23 PM): ADMIT IT
WowTrd (12:34:34 PM): Ok i didnt but ok
DrJreyy (12:34:39 PM): tell the fuking truth
WowTrd (12:34:46 PM): I DIDNT
WowTrd (12:34:48 PM): God.
WowTrd (12:35:00 PM): What do you want me to say. Im telling you what i did.
DrJreyy (12:35:57 PM): Okay....so. A.) I gave you my information and immediately after, you said you had to go to work, but you lied. You blocked me. How do I know this? Because my friend added you to his buddy list and you were on...B) You changed my info, and I am 100% sure I neversaid that you could change my info. There is no reason for my to say that and you're just making up a stupid lie so you won't get owned.
WowTrd (12:36:37 PM): You did but whatevr.
WowTrd (12:36:53 PM): Fine if it makes you happy i scammed?
DrJreyy (12:37:58 PM): no
DrJreyy (12:38:01 PM): tell the truth
WowTrd (12:38:11 PM): Ok i did.
DrJreyy (12:38:16 PM): you scammed. right? are you going to be a man and admit it.
DrJreyy (12:38:38 PM): stop being a coward...i mean the evidence is right there. its as good as it gets.
WowTrd (12:40:01 PM): Shure.
WowTrd (12:40:09 PM): i scammed.
DrJreyy (12:40:22 PM): gg. going on markee.
WowTrd (12:40:33 PM): haha
WowTrd (12:40:37 PM): Thats pethetic.
DrJreyy (12:40:41 PM): no kid, you're pathetic,
DrJreyy (12:40:58 PM): stop typing. you have nothing to prove to me
WowTrd (12:41:13 PM): No you purposily wont shutup. first of all i did nothnig You said
DrJreyy (12:41:20 PM): hahahahahahahaahahahah
DrJreyy (12:41:30 PM): you BLOCKED ME! WHY? CUZ UR A SCAMMRE
WowTrd (12:41:42 PM): I hope one day you realize.
DrJreyy (12:41:40 PM): you CHANGED MY INFO...why? CUZ YOURE A SCAMMER
DrJreyy (12:41:49 PM): and i hope you die. GG
WowTrd (12:42:13 PM): Thanks.
DrJreyy (12:42:48 PM): [censored] u
WowTrd (12:43:27 PM): w/e man.
WowTrd (12:43:34 PM): I dont care anymore.
DrJreyy (12:44:01 PM): because you scammed
DrJreyy (12:44:03 PM): if you don't care anymore
DrJreyy (12:44:07 PM): then admit it right out.
DrJreyy (12:44:16 PM): i mean, i know it was you. i'm just having fun listening to you say it wasn't you
DrJreyy (12:44:29 PM): its just funny to know that there are human beings in this world that are as cowardly and self centered as you are.
DrJreyy (12:44:41 PM): all in all, ur simply a [censored] in all respects.
WowTrd (12:45:10 PM): Dude i didnt scam. IF i scammed i would have your account rayt now
DrJreyy (12:45:34 PM): um no
DrJreyy (12:45:38 PM): i recalled my password
DrJreyy (12:45:42 PM): idiot
WowTrd signed off at 12:46:07 PM.