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Selling Summoners Wars Account

Mobile OS
  1. Android
  2. IOS
High End
Account Stars
6 Star 10+
  1. Europe
  2. Global
Original Owner


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Multiple Accounts
Warning: Trade with Caution
Banned - Scammer - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/paid-for-account-ghosted-when-money-sent.2079169/
Global Server
100+ total of 6*
19 nat5
Water: Barbara, Borgnine (Water Striker), Bolverk, Abellio, Psamathe, Ariel, Shi Hou, Anavel & Taor
Fire: Ophilia, Okeanos, Brandia, Raki, Mei Hou Wang, Ken & Rica
Wind: Seara,Hathor, & Pungbaek
LnD 4* Light dryad, light chun-li, mimir & Isabel
Maxed all towers & flags
Easy C1 or C2 in special league
RTA last season no play but easy F3
Arena: Stable C1 no push (i have to put low def to farm glory points).
Full auto TOA floor 1-199, floor 200 semi-auto.
Vio will sets spd: +160, 151, 148, 141, 130+ 3-4x.
Swift spd: +200
Despair spd: +155

Sath+Tatu, Tricaru team & BJ5 36k dmg Ready

Message me here:
Discord: Mike25#1888
Price: 180$
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