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Sublife is not a good guy =/


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Sublife1983: *****
theexhumed666: ?
theexhumed666: why do u keep calling me a scammer
Sublife1983: ***** YOU ARE A SCAMMER
theexhumed666: wow no im not [censored]
Sublife1983: u blocked andr3w from aim....
theexhumed666: no i dident
theexhumed666: hes on right
Sublife1983: its so ownage i know where u live
theexhumed666: 9o yea?
theexhumed666: where
theexhumed666: ?
theexhumed666: where?
theexhumed666: eh w/e
theexhumed666: u think i care u kno where i live
theexhumed666: come to my house
theexhumed666: please
Sublife1983: you dont want that son
theexhumed666: lol w/e
Sublife1983: its C.R.I.P. till i die im planning on sending some goons
theexhumed666: lol i just needed u to say that
Sublife1983: dude
Sublife1983: ha
theexhumed666: dude why threatin over sumthing like an acct
Sublife1983: u dont even have my celly
Sublife1983: here ill give u my address
[censored] scamm u dude
theexhumed666: i dident do it intentionaly
theexhumed666: atall
theexhumed666: dunno why ur soooo kept up on how i scammed u
theexhumed666: i honestly dident plan out htis whole big scheme to make u lose yur acct dude =/
Sublife1983: w/e dont really care now hunter is comin back and i just got a 60 warrior/ 60 rogue all epicd
theexhumed666: ok cool why make a big deal out of it then
Sublife1983 signed off at 7:36:35 PM.

i mean seriously wtf...i honeslt did NOT scamm him ,this is getting blowin way out of praportion