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Stupid Scammers


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AirbornA1: hey
XpressKid30: hi
AirbornA1: I got a warrior
XpressKid30: cool wut kinda gear?
AirbornA1: Depends how much you can spend
AirbornA1: he's pretty good
XpressKid30: can i know his gear? then il tell u how much il spend
AirbornA1: 3/8 wrath
XpressKid30: can i see ingame?
AirbornA1: Expired atm
AirbornA1: Ran out of cash
AirbornA1: Job/Child Problems that's why I'm selling
XpressKid30: wuts ur markee name?
AirbornA1: Going to make one
AirbornA1: Just started looking to sell
XpressKid30: The only way id buy is if u let me go on account and activate it
AirbornA1: How do I know you won't scam me
XpressKid30: Cause i wont idk the warrior even exists...u cant show ingame.....no markee name
XpressKid30: u there?
AirbornA1: Yes.
XpressKid30: So can i or not?
AirbornA1: Want me to make a markee name lol
XpressKid30: no..
AirbornA1: Why?
XpressKid30: cause thats useles unless u have pos rep
AirbornA1: I have vouches
XpressKid30: ok by who
AirbornA1: whyteout7791
AirbornA1: is his aim
XpressKid30: unless u let me on the account no
AirbornA1: 1 rep < 0 ?
XpressKid30: dude
XpressKid30: its no if i cant go on
AirbornA1: Lol
AirbornA1: I will get him to rep me
AirbornA1: So i will have 1 rep
AirbornA1: Then you will go first right?
AirbornA1: Since 1 Rep > 0 rep
XpressKid30: um
XpressKid30: wut server
AirbornA1: Arthas
AirbornA1: PvP
XpressKid30: y u so intrested in me going 1st?
AirbornA1: Rules:
AirbornA1: More rep goes second less rep goes first
XpressKid30: Let me go on account for like 2 seconds to check xfer on arthas to see if char exists then il go first if not its a no
AirbornA1: Lol
AirbornA1: Guess I will post scammer?
XpressKid30: LOL
AirbornA1: Dude
AirbornA1: Rules are
XpressKid30: ur the one with no markee name
AirbornA1: I will make one
XpressKid30: cant show ingame
AirbornA1: and get this guy to rep me
AirbornA1: dummy
XpressKid30: and refuse to go 1st
AirbornA1: REP [censored]

XpressKid30: lol
AirbornA1: It's true bro
AirbornA1: More rep=goes second
XpressKid30: i thot u were new to trading??
AirbornA1: Selling
AirbornA1: Not trading
XpressKid30: u want paypal?
AirbornA1: Yes
XpressKid30: see dude the only thing is
XpressKid30: i know ur scammin me cause if u have sa to ur account y are u so scared to let me go on?
AirbornA1: Because
AirbornA1: I have more rep
XpressKid30: if there is no time and u cant show ingame
XpressKid30: just tell me if ur a scammer and i wont post this on markee
AirbornA1: LOL
AirbornA1: HAHAHAH
AirbornA1: You look like a fool and a lair
XpressKid30: i can get about 5 people to gime rep if i want to
AirbornA1: I have more rep
AirbornA1: So
AirbornA1: get over it
XpressKid30: it doesnt [censored] matter [censored]
AirbornA1: GET OVER IT
AirbornA1: You could just dispute the money
XpressKid30: lmao
AirbornA1: so I'm at risk
XpressKid30: usually who ever makes the post goes 2nd.......rep has nothin to do with it
AirbornA1: Read the rules bro
AirbornA1: or ask any trade
XpressKid30: hehe
XpressKid30: look at wut i found
XpressKid30: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/165766/an/0/page/0/gonew/1#UNREAD
AirbornA1: Cool
XpressKid30: gg [censored] noob
AirbornA1: lol
AirbornA1: post this log
AirbornA1: please
AirbornA1: please
XpressKid30: if ur gona scam least learn how to
AirbornA1: POST IT

AirbornA1: PLEASE
XpressKid30: i am
AirbornA1: THANK YOU
AirbornA1: Will be banned
AirbornA1: Proves your a scammer
XpressKid30: lol k
XpressKid30: cya


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Then he answers with this...

AirbornA1: took out some logs
AirbornA1: good job
XpressKid30: lol
XpressKid30: post urs then
XpressKid30: cause i didnt take out [censored]
AirbornA1: good job
AirbornA1: getting baned
AirbornA1: see ya
XpressKid30: how did i get banned?
AirbornA1: i posted logs with uswowtrade
AirbornA1: and pictures
AirbornA1: of u not going first
AirbornA1: with rep
AirbornA1: so
AirbornA1: he's stev vtw
AirbornA1: btw
AirbornA1: on markee
AirbornA1: the mod
XpressKid30: cool
AirbornA1: good job
AirbornA1: he's banning you
AirbornA1: soon
XpressKid30: ok cool
XpressKid30: thx
XpressKid30: tobad stev said ur a scammer
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