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Stonezz, you're caught buddy.


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We have the information to now call you a scammer, and Holiday Ng.

I've contacted Issherai, Rttd0, and Point of Origin, and I have the proof and information you've been hiding from all of us.

You've been wanting Jago, the warrior on Laughing Skull for some time now. So you contacted bmw44ee (ingame name = calvin, on laughing skull) telling him you were the real owner of Jago (when at the time, I was the account bearer), and attempted to scam him on the AIM name, Holiday NG.

To add to this, yes, you owned Jago at one point, but you traded him away. So, you say you have the SA, which is entirely impossible. If there were flaws, and you could magically possess one's SA.. everyone would have the account they want.

To prove you are Holiday Ng, I contacted Point of Origin. He told me you lied to him, told him I was a scammer, and to recall the paladin on me. (Consequently, it's now up for trade). He told me he was extremely sorry for believing you, and he said this:

pbfreak111112: So why'd you do that to me?
Point of Orig1n: well man to be honest...at that time i beleived what he was saying but now i know what/who he really is
Point of Orig1n: he is holidayng
pbfreak111112: Yeah
pbfreak111112: Everyone knows that
Point of Orig1n: that is the only way he couldve gotten my sa
Point of Orig1n: yeah
Point of Orig1n: i have my pally back....idk what to do with this rogue
Point of Orig1n: he will recall eventually
Point of Orig1n: im sure the rogue is a scammed account

-- Which basically means, Point of Origin tried trading Holiday Ng's warrior awhile ago, and he ended up giving Stonezz the SA to the pally.

To make more sense.. last night Stonezz threatened to recall Jago on me, if I did not trade him for his PvE Shitty Paladin. Confused, I went with it, and he ended up giving me the SA.

Voila! We caught our mysterious man, scammer, aka Stonezz, aka Holiday Ng.

Get the [censored] out of these forums, you have been an underground scammer for sometime now. Now that the pieces are put together, I highly advise ANYONE on these forums to trade/buy/sell to this guy.


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I [censored] KNEW IT! I [censored] TOLD YOU SO! I saw his slip with the name, I put the hunter pieces together, I talked to people, and I talked to PB! We were [censored] right! Oh man it feels good to be god.


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Yes i do admit to somewhat helping stonezz, because at the time i thought he was the legit one and what he was telling me was true. (a space in the post means there was other thing said in between that really werent relevant)

Point of Orig1n: well i saw a post of someone (pbfreak i think) who has my pally now and says he has the sa...?
Point of Orig1n: i didnt tel it to you did i?
Point of Orig1n: cause i dont recall
Point of Orig1n: telling you
Point of Orig1n: what it was
Point of Orig1n: u there?
Point of Orig1n: well if you have it then id like the one to the rogue...idk how you got the sa but id like the rogues one
Stonezz7: i don't have the pallies sa
Point of Orig1n: the guy you traded it to does...
Point of Orig1n: pbfreak
Stonezz7: dunno
Point of Orig1n: pbfreak is telling me you told him it...and he told me what it was and it was to verify
Stonezz7: well u never told me it
Point of Orig1n: i know i didnt
Stonezz7: but it doesn't matter really.. i can give you the rogue one if u want.. doesn't matter to me
Point of Orig1n: id prefer that lol
Stonezz7: even though right now i am accountless
Point of Orig1n: how?
Stonezz7: i traded my other account i got to cheazer5
Stonezz7: and he recalled his character on me
Stonezz7: and said that he "can't remember the pw to my char"
Point of Orig1n: damn i thought he was legit ><
Point of Orig1n: yeah im sure
Point of Orig1n: i heard that before
Stonezz7: so i dunno what im suppose dto do..
Stonezz7: cause i don't have SA for the char i traded him either
Stonezz7: and i can't recall my rogue.. cause i traded it to you and that was fair game..
Stonezz7: so im pretty [censored] right now
Point of Orig1n: damn man
Point of Orig1n: what did cheazer rip you off with?
Stonezz7: a rogue as well
Point of Orig1n: oo
Stonezz7: i needed it for a different trade
Stonezz7: to finally get what ive been after the whole time
Stonezz7: and then he recalls rogue
Stonezz7: and won't give me the pw to my warrior
Stonezz7: that i traded him
Point of Orig1n: wow

Point of Orig1n: whats the rogue sa? id really appreciate it
[censored] angry
Point of Orig1n: i dont blame you id be pissed too
Stonezz7: funny thing is..
Stonezz7: he said before we traded "im in love with ur warrior, going to keep it for sure"
Stonezz7: guess he meant it literally
Point of Orig1n: who? cheazer
Stonezz7: yep
Stonezz7: he swears he "honestly cannot remember the pw"
Point of Orig1n: ><
Stonezz7: and that he will "remember it eventually"
Point of Orig1n: lol

Stonezz7: yo
Stonezz7: i may need you to recall your pally
Stonezz7: since this warrior thing is really messed up
Point of Orig1n: what happened?
Stonezz7: and cheazer is telling me to recall my pally
Point of Orig1n: what excatly happened?
Stonezz7: i traded my hunter+war for his toon
Stonezz7: the hunter ended up being a scammed account
Stonezz7: which i had no control over or knew
Stonezz7: then
Stonezz7: cheazer believed that if the hunter was scammed so was the warrior, which i am the owner of it rightfully
Stonezz7: so he kept the warrior
Stonezz7: and is now giving it back to the original original owner
Stonezz7: and leaving me with absolutely nothing
Stonezz7: so absically
Stonezz7: who i traded the pally for that warrior
Stonezz7: was trying to get rid of the warrior fast
Stonezz7: and therefore i am entitled to recall the pally.
Point of Orig1n: pbfreak has the pally atm right?
Stonezz7: Cheazer5: do it dude
Cheazer5: recall it
Cheazer5: jago was a scammed account
Stonezz7: yep and he gave me a scammed warrior.
Stonezz7: so i am entitled to recall pally
Stonezz7: its either that or i recall my rogue, but im not looking to [censored] you over here.
Point of Orig1n: ok one sec
Point of Orig1n: so i thought cheazer was the guy who scammed you?
Point of Orig1n: ok u there?
Stonezz7: no
Stonezz7: i thought so too
Stonezz7: its fine me and cheazer are good now
Stonezz7: we settled it.
Point of Orig1n: ok

Point of Orig1n: wait....did u ever play on my pally before ever talking to me?
Point of Orig1n: like awhile back?
Point of Orig1n: cause i remember one time i mightve told the sa toa guy that i was gonna trade but i ended up trading back..and i recall him saying he let some other ppl play on my pally
Stonezz7: yes
Stonezz7: i believe i had your pally once before
Stonezz7: and i had ur thing written down already
Point of Orig1n: ok thats it maybe
Stonezz7: but why does this matter anyway? lol
Point of Orig1n: im just curious how you got it lol
Stonezz7: oh ok lol

Pretty much way back when HolidayNG wanted to trade my pally for a nice warrior; so we did a trade and he gave me the wrong SA, but i gave him my correct one. That is how he knows what it is and thus more proof that he is HolidayNG

Stonezz- BANNED

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Sorry i was out for a bit, but ummm... half the stuff you just posted i never did. I never contacted calvin in game, dunno who that is even. And also, you did scam the warrior PB... so this is all irrelevant, lol funny attempt though.


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Rofl.. Prove it.

And.. I like how everything you said was irrelivent to what we had to say.

Cheazer even admits you are a scammer.

xGamelevelingx: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/86153
xGamelevelingx: :)
xGamelevelingx: He's caught
cheazer5 is no longer idle at 6:13:12 PM.
Cheazer5: hehe
xGamelevelingx: Didnt you know?
Cheazer5: yes

Please, if you're going to post something cocky, or irrelevent, dont even bother posting


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He's Stonezz7, Holidayng, Hitch, AND now Chimera too? Damn...Can you just ban his IP or something? Or do we have to stalk him and nail him with neg feedback to keep legit trades weary?