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STFC Ops 44 50M+ power - EU Server 156

Mobile OS
  1. Android
  2. IOS
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  1. EU
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New member
Multiple Accounts
Member Since September 11, 2023
Total Completed Orders: 0
Total Feedback: 0
Server 156 EU
OPS 44 (almost ready 45)
50m+ power
170m base power

rep situation:
- Klingon: commended
- federation and Romulan: respected
- augment: max
- rogue: partner 8m
- bajoran: kohn-ma
- ex borg: max


Survey Ships

B'Chor T5
Antares T6, Valkis T5, K’Vort T5
D’Vor Feesha T9
Amalgam T7
Meridian T9
D’Vor T8 / T5
Botany Bay T9
North Star T9
Horizon T8

Combat Ships

ISS Jelly T6
D4 T9 / T3
Augur T6 / T2
Ent: T7 / T3
Brel, Gladius T9
intrepid T4
bunch of lower grade ships

Specialty Ships

USS Voyager T2
Vi’Dar Talios T4
USS Defiant T5
USS Titan T3
Mantis T4
USS Cerritos T5
USS Franklin-A T6
Sarcophagus T9
USS Discovery T9
Stella T8 and T5
Vi’Dar T9
USS Franklin T9

Projectiles (of note):

Refractive Beam

D4, Ent, Almagam, Augur

Mantis, Ceritos, Stella, Discovery, D4, Meridian, Realta,

Lvl 2 metreon,
Lvl 1 Interphase,
lvl 20 Trans torpedos
lvl 6 subnucleon
lvl 20 ablative armor,
lvl 16 tetracyante
lvl 6 orion Seismic

Commander kirk
Rank 12 lvl60

Loaded Account with with multiple 100bs of steel and multiple 10bs of trit and dil
160 days worth of speed ups
1 year+ worth of shielding
bunch more inventory
crew level 3200+
Syndicate Lv 19
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