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Squeaky4100 Scammer most likely read.


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Sqeaky4100: hi
Sublife1983: yo
Sqeaky4100: asking 250 for your account?
Sublife1983: yeah
Sqeaky4100: Thats a bit high considering I just sold an 18 epic warlock with a 60 priest for 280, but..
Sublife1983: 230?
Sublife1983: well ill tell u
Sublife1983: Warrior has few epics noe epicd out
Sublife1983: not*
Sqeaky4100: Will I be recieving the contact info
Sublife1983: Contact you mean Sq/A?
Sqeaky4100: yes
Sqeaky4100: oops, I mean recall info
Sublife1983: yah u can have the cd key i forgot the sq/a ill have to ask IGE again
Sublife1983: i bought this acct with only the rogue for 300
Sublife1983: then i made the warrior on the new server myself
Sublife1983: but i am sick of this game it is boring to me
Sqeaky4100: 230 sounds very reasonable under 1 condition
Sublife1983: Whats that?
Sqeaky4100: I would really like to test out the warrior, Im very familiar with rogues, but not warriors
Sublife1983: Well only way you test out anything of mine is if you drop off the cash
Sublife1983: i dont have the sq/a
Sublife1983: so i wont be able to recall it
Sublife1983: ill show u in game
Sublife1983: other than that
Sublife1983: good bye
Sqeaky4100: Im not looking to steal anything, as I have good rep on markee
Sqeaky4100: but
Sublife1983: dont care
Sublife1983: i dont care
Sublife1983: about reputation
Sublife1983: or anything of that matter
Sublife1983: ive been scammed before never again
Sqeaky4100: You can recall with the cd key you realize that right?
Sublife1983: I dont care your not testing it out
Sublife1983: anything else?
Sqeaky4100: nope, and gl getting a sale because your rather an [censored]
Sqeaky4100 signed off at 2:06:47 AM.


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1 more thing, do you honestly think I would try to scam you after you apparently could recall because you had BOTH the sa/sq and the cd key?

[censored]? Think before you post me being a scammer idiot.

Mods, please delete this, even if I tried to steal his account, which i never even came close to, HE COULD OF RECALLED....

OMG u sir are a &*^&*%^




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I Dealt with Squeaky4100 on an accout about 3 weeks back. No problems, we spoke on the phone, checked out the char in game, sent him money via paypal. He promply emailed ALL the account info, SAQ, CD key etc. One of the better transactios I have had anywhere. I asked about some negative feedback on ebay and he fully explained it and later a person in game in fact confirmed what he told me. I dont' know what your issue was with him but that log proves zero. He's not a scammer imo.